Monday, June 23, 2008

Hot weekend in St. George

I just spent the greatest weekend with my children and grandchildren and my niece and her children. St. George was hotter than - - - - but we had a wonderful time. Everyone spent the day in the pool and the evening playing minature golf and other games. Some visited the historic homes in St. George and Santa Clara others shopped, and others just 'vegged'. It was great! Way too short, but wonderful. . Southern Utah is a spectacular place to visit. Nature really played some interesting moves when creating the landscape. Everyone should visit the area at some point in time. Like I always told my Dad, St. George is a great place to visit, but I am a northern girl, and I love the north.
Next year for our family vacation we are going to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I believe a family who has the name of Jackson should visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We visited there many years ago when Lloyd and I took the kids to see Yellowstone. We had a great time then. And I am sure it will be even more fun this time. My kids have a way of making things fun. My sons are a riot to be with, they are witty and will have the rest of us laughing all the time. Nothing gets past them without some kind of a remark. Very entertaining to say the least. I will blog for sure when we go to Jackson.
This weekend I am going with my great-Auntie Colleen. Now this is going to be another adventure. She has reserved us a room in Payson, our hometown. She and I are going on a "hunt". That is what we do best. We are going to Nephi, and surrounding areas just to see what we can find. We don't want to be rushed so that is why we are going to stay over-nite in Payson. I have two other auntie's in Payson, they aren't as adventuresome as GAC. (short for great aunt colleen). But me and GAC are game for just about anything. I love to be with her. She has taught me a lot about my family, and in turn myself. She is my mother's aunt/sister. I know that sounds complicated but it isn't. GAC is the caboose of the Pickering family. She has always been very close to me and my cousins. Like I said I love to be with her. Next week I will let you know what me and GAC did.
Here is my thought for this week: "Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age." KL

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thought for Today

Here is a thought for today:
Will you look back on life and say, 'I wish I had or I'm glad I did'?
I am excited I am going to St. George this weekend. Just a nice leisure weekend in the warm (very warm) sunshine of St. George. Three of my children and their families are going. Emily and Russell and the boys, Joel and Andrew. Mat and Melanie with Emma and Jared, Baylee has a soft ball tournament so she isn't going with us. Blake and Gina and Brissa with be with us also. Mark and Shelly and the little girls, Sara, Zada and Maya aren't going to be able to be with us. My step-mother Merlene lives in Bloomington and my step-sister Debbie and her husband Fred live in St. George. Debbie's daughter and son live there also. My sweet niece Audrey and her daughter Kaitlynn and son Kyle will be there with us. I am excited to be with my niece. It has been a few months, and I miss her. I am hoping my brother Alan and his wife Julie are there also and that some of my other nieces and nephews will join us. There are lots of things to do in the St. George area, but I will be content to just sit around the pool and read my book. I am so ready for a vacation even if it is a short one.
Not only is it my vacation, but it is also a good time to connect to extended family. I am a family person. I believe it is the most important relationship only surpassed by your relationship with your spouse. Families are a precious gift from God. I love my friends and I treasure friendships, but my family is my greatest treasure and gift. Nothing can take the place of my family. Part of my family is my step-mother Merlene and my step-sister Debbie. I have neglected them. Not included them in my circle of 'family'. I am ashamed of myself. I am not that way. . . and I am sorry for behaving in such a negative way. I can only hope that my future actions will show I am sorry. I want no regrets, I want to be able to say "I'm glad I did". As I posted earlier in my tribute to my Dad, he taught me much about living. . . . He was a man with a huge heart room for many and it didn't diminish his love for me his daughter, nor for his son, Alan, nor our mother Bonnie. I want to be like my Dad, a heart that has room for many. KL

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tribute to My Dad

Father's Day is this Sunday. It is a time for me to pause and give thanks for the great Dad that I had. My Dad has been gone for over 12 years, and I miss him all the time. For you see, my Dad was my only parent for over 40 years. I only lived with him for a short 8 years. Though he lived just a few blocks away, we never lived in the same house for many many years. I miss him. And what do I miss the most? His tenderness, his wisdom, his steadiness in my life and in the life of my children. My Dad was the only grandparent they knew. My grandpa would say that my Dad was born with wisdom. He was a wise child. Always seemed to know what to do and how to do it. When my Dad was a young man of 28 he was in a tragic automobile accident. The accident killed my mother, and crippled my Dad. His spinal cord was severed and he lived the remainder of his life in a wheel chair. Never taking a step ever again. Never running, never jumping, never dancing, never lifting his children, and grandchildren in his steady strong arms. Never! But he lived his life, and he lived it the way he wanted to live it. Positive, happy, confident with more wisdom than most. He lived his life.. . . . . I love him, I miss him. . .The older I get the more I think of him, and miss him. I savior the words he spoke to me, I cherish my memories of him, I thank my Lord for giving me such a kind and gentle father who loved me and protected me. I was his first born, I was his princess. Though our years were short, our relationship was strong and he taught me much about life and living. KL

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I love to find quotes that lift and inspire me. I found this one the other day and will share with you. It is by Ralph Waldo Emerson. . . "Each moment of life has its own beauty....a picture which has never been seen before and which shall never be seen again." I have pondered on this and realize I don't always appreciate the newness of each day and for that matter each moment. I go through my days and weeks and months and soon years not really appreciating what I have seen and what I have experienced. I sometimes feel like my life is so mundane, nothing new and exciting. And that all I ever face is problems. That isn't true! My life is unique and only one of a kind. . . it is my life, my minutes, my hours, my days, months and years. All belonging to me a gift from my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. I need to appreciate the mundane, the everyday rituals, and rights of life. Taste and savor my world and my life. I shall never pass this way again.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stepping into Blog world

This is my first adventure into the world of blogging. I really don't know what I am doing. But I do enjoy reading other blogs. I will invite my family and friends to go on this adventure with me. Each day I will write of the dailiness of my life. Nothing exciting just the normal routine of life. Mine is a little different in some respects and hopefully my blog friends will notice the differences in my daily life compared to theirs. Each is unique to that person. And that is what makes life so interesting is uniqueness. I will enjoy each new day and each experience I write about, whether it is new or just the same as yesterday. As I see it each new day is a new adventure. KJ


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