Monday, June 23, 2008

Hot weekend in St. George

I just spent the greatest weekend with my children and grandchildren and my niece and her children. St. George was hotter than - - - - but we had a wonderful time. Everyone spent the day in the pool and the evening playing minature golf and other games. Some visited the historic homes in St. George and Santa Clara others shopped, and others just 'vegged'. It was great! Way too short, but wonderful. . Southern Utah is a spectacular place to visit. Nature really played some interesting moves when creating the landscape. Everyone should visit the area at some point in time. Like I always told my Dad, St. George is a great place to visit, but I am a northern girl, and I love the north.
Next year for our family vacation we are going to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I believe a family who has the name of Jackson should visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We visited there many years ago when Lloyd and I took the kids to see Yellowstone. We had a great time then. And I am sure it will be even more fun this time. My kids have a way of making things fun. My sons are a riot to be with, they are witty and will have the rest of us laughing all the time. Nothing gets past them without some kind of a remark. Very entertaining to say the least. I will blog for sure when we go to Jackson.
This weekend I am going with my great-Auntie Colleen. Now this is going to be another adventure. She has reserved us a room in Payson, our hometown. She and I are going on a "hunt". That is what we do best. We are going to Nephi, and surrounding areas just to see what we can find. We don't want to be rushed so that is why we are going to stay over-nite in Payson. I have two other auntie's in Payson, they aren't as adventuresome as GAC. (short for great aunt colleen). But me and GAC are game for just about anything. I love to be with her. She has taught me a lot about my family, and in turn myself. She is my mother's aunt/sister. I know that sounds complicated but it isn't. GAC is the caboose of the Pickering family. She has always been very close to me and my cousins. Like I said I love to be with her. Next week I will let you know what me and GAC did.
Here is my thought for this week: "Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age." KL

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Lisa said...


I am so excited you started a blog. It sounds like you had a great time in St. George. I remember watching the weather report and it was hot. I can't wait to read more about your adventures in life.

Talk to you later,
Lisa Pope


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