Friday, July 25, 2008

My Pioneer Heritage

I just celebrated the 24th of July. Those who don't know traditions of Utah do not understand the uniqueness of our 24th of July celebration. This is the day that we celebrate the Pioneers entering the Great Salt Lake Valley. It is a wonderful celebration that the people of Utah have done for over 160 years. I am very grateful to set a day aside that I pause and reflect upon my heritage as a descendant from these noble forebears. I give thanks to the Lord for their sacrifice and their success. Most importantly for the commitment to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and for their love of the Lord. Because of their beliefs and their sure knowledge of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the Church, it has made my life richer and easier. I know because they know. Their stories fascinate me and I have learned many of life lessons from them. My gratitude to you my fathers and mothers, Mathew Daley, Mary Elizabeth Wightman, Arron Daniels, Harriett Nixon, Caroline Rogers, Stephen Hales, William Spencer, Eliza Ewing, William Beddoes, Riah Brockhouse, William Pickering, George Pickering, Ann Wainer. Henry Nebeker, Ann VanWagoner, William Daley, Mary Ann Graham, Charles Wightman, Mary Ann Dixon. There are many more who made the journey.
I enjoyed my day by watching the Days of 47 Parade on television. A barbecue at Jim and Sharon Jensen's. And just being with my family and friends. I had to work the day after and let me tell you it is hard to come back after having the day off.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Friday Night Blitz

Well, me and the two grandson's Joel and Andrew went to the late night showing of
"The Dark Knight". . . Wow! It is a great movie. Heath Ledger is fantastic as The Joker, I didn't think anyone could out do Jack Nicholson, but Ledger did. . . too bad he won't be here to accept the Academy Award! I am sure he will receive it. . . The grandson's really liked the movie. We watched the Batman movie with Jack Nicholson before we went to the movie. Then we came back to my house and watched Batman movies. It was a late night. . Grandma is getting too old for the late night scene, but those grandson's love to watch movies with me. And I cherish the moments, because I know they last for only a short time. Children grow up way too fast. I hope Joel and Andrew will always like having sleepovers and movie nights with Grandma. In my heart they will always be my "little grandson's". I have had a lot going on in the last week. Lots of visits from friends and family. Saturday night I went to dinner with an old working partner. It was good to see Janis. Sunday of course was Church. Our ward is going to be split. It is huge. Lots of young families with crying babies and rowdy children! I don't know what the deal is now days. When I was a young mommy I took my children out of Sacrament meeting if they were crying or being noisy, but the mother's now days don't do that. It may be our LDS culture. We love children, and maybe the parents think the rest of us love hearing their screaming children. I couldn't hear a thing. I think it is very rude to let a child to disrupt a sacrament meeting. Too bad they don't have a ward for us older folks who really want to come to our meetings and have it quiet. . . . So, I hope we are divided and we get a "old" ward.
The Pioneer holiday is coming up this Thursday, and I will be writing a blog in honor of my ancestors. I am so blessed to be a 7th generation Latter-day Saint. All of my family lines came across the plains to the Salt Lake Valley. One great-great-great grandmother was in the Martin Handcart Company. I fall to my knees in gratitude for their sacrifice and that I descend from such nobleness. I am also looking for a day off. Watch for more ramblings and writing. KL

Friday, July 18, 2008

Revitalized by old friends and GAC

I am always amazed at the relationship of long lasting friends. My day Thursday was just as I had anticipated it would be. The relationship with my "ole" high school friends amazes me. I don't see them on a daily basis, we e-mail but we don't talk on the phone. I live 50 miles away and yet distance and time never changes nor weakens the ties that bind us together. We have all weathered many of life's storms, some have experienced widowhood, divorce, child and spouse that are less than perfect, caring for aging parents, and many more stresses and life challenges. But somehow we have survived and amazingly still love life and the adventure of the journey. . . . remember we are children of the 50's and teenagers of the 60's. We are the beginning Baby Boomers . . . living the American Dream. For some we were the first of our families to go to college, we raised families and worked outside the home. We were part of the process to bring about social changes and yet we stayed close to our heritage and our roots. My little band of sisters are now aging with grace and beauty. The grace and beauty that radiates from the inside.

Little great-Auntie Colleen went shopping with me earlier in the day. What a fun time we have. She lifts me to a higher level and makes me feel good about myself. She is a character and we laugh and can find humor in a lot of things. She is 78 years old and doesn't miss a beat, quick on her feet and has the endurance of a much younger person. I have a hard time keeping up with her. She is my mother's aunt. Her and my mother are the same age, so when I am with her I feel like she is an extension of my mother. I didn't get to have my mother for very long, just a short 7 years not nearly long enough. Her death took my childhood away and in some ways it took away parts of my adulthood. . . I cling to my aunties for a glimmer of something I could have had. . . Life is amazing. I am surprised any of us make it to the end! But what a beautiful ride for anyone willing to move at an exhilarating rate of speed and wonder. . . .

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Is Moving Along

The summer is rolling along way too fast. It is mid July and it won't be long until we are thinking of "back to school" and the Fall season. I am just not ready for that. I have been busy as could be. I take two college courses on Monday and Tuesday and they take a big chunk of my time. I was about to drop the idea of getting my degree when my son said, "No Mom, you have always wanted it and you need to keep going to school. You are too close to stop now." (Isn't it amazing how adult children become your parents?) Anyway, I will continue. Actually I should be able to graduate next spring! It is those darn Math classes that have me stressed and thinking of quiting. But, I will continue forward, I have nothing else to do. . . . This week I am looking forward to going to dinner with my "high school friends". It is amazing after 42 years we still keep in touch and get together. We are all very fortunate to have this kind of relationship. Most people after they graduate from high school never see their old classmates. Me and my friends are unique. We still care about each other. Not only am I going to dinner with my friends, but I will spend a few hours with my Auntie's Now there is a unique relationship! Love those dear aunties so much. They have been with me through thick and thin. All of my ups and downs and and in betweens. GAC (great-aunt Colleen) and I have had some choice times together. The best thing we like to do is visit family and friends, shop! And we go looking for old furniture. She is always happy to go on a new adventure. I will be sure to write about my day with old friends and Aunties. I may bore some with all of my ramblings, but this blog is fun. I have kept a personal journal for years and this is just an extension of that. I truly need to get picture of my life on this web-site. I will try that for next time. KJ

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

Well the 4th of July is over and summer is in full swing! I had a great 4th celebration, with family and friends. Parade with my son Mark and his little family, the little girls were so fun to watch as the parade passed by. Emma's little softball team rode the fire truck in the parade. They are the champions for their age group. Mat and Melanie coached the team. My Jared (Jarbug) rode high atop the fire truck, proud as could be. They all looked so cute. And Mark's little girls Sara, Zada and Maya could hardly wait to see Emma and Jared on the fire truck. Small town USA is what the 4th of July is about. Parade, park, and BBQ's and fireworks is what 4th of July means to me. I love it! One of my favorite holidays. . . . I will have pictures posted later showing the fun day. Later in the day I went to Jim and Sharon Jensen's for their annual 4th of July BBQ. It was great, and I really appreciate them inviting me. I was with Emily and Joel and Andrew. Sharon is Russ' mother. In the evening I was at Mat's having dutch oven dinner, and a great time visiting with friends and family. Watched fireworks with Mark and his little crew. . . Blake was busy all day with Gina's family from Arizona so I didn't get to see him. Saturday I spent recovering from all of my celebrating. Sunday was church, and my cousin Louise invited me to have dinner with her and her family. I love to be at Louise's house, she is so talented and fun, and a great cook! Love visiting with her and Heather. It was delightful. . . . I sometimes get feeling real "down" and then I have to look around and see how blessed I am. I am surrounded with wonderful people. People I cherish and love. I can't imagine my life without them. Watch for the pictures to later. KJ

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Saturday with GAC

I had a great time Saturday with my Great-Aunt Colleen. We visited with Tony, Andrea, Ferron Winnona, Karma and R. Dale. Nilan and Edith and Nick. We went to Vine Bluff Cemetery and search for our lost ancestors and by golly we found them. We found Tabitha Matilda Norton Wright. She is my great-great grandmother on my maternal line so she is my Matriarch. I have always wanted to visit her grave and pay her homage. She died when my great-grandmother was just a small child. We didn't know very much about her, but there was a deep sense of connection to her. Finding her grave was almost spiritual. I indeed felt the connection. I am grateful to have given my respect to her as my maternal grandmother. I believe strongly in the connection of families. It is indeed eternal and forever. We also found Tabitha's mother and father, Tabitha McDaniel Norton and William David Norton. They have interesting stories as they traveled across the plains as early pioneers. We found Elizabeth Salisbury Wright who is my 4th great grandmother. She traveled the plains with the Martin Handcart Company at the age of 52. We know the terrible hardships this company of saints endured. I owe so much to her and her dedication to the Gospel of Jesus Christ just as I owe my love and dedication to all of my ancestors.
GAC and I spent the night visiting with Diane and Jerry. We love to visit with them, then we stayed at the Comfort Inn. Sunday morning we were homeward bound. Dropped my great auntie off in Orem and I went on home to Tooele.
What a great time we had. Lots of people to visit lots of places to see. We didn't get to the shops we had wanted to go to. But that is ok, people are more important. Especially the ones we visited. I hope we scattered sunshine along our way and made everyone's day a little brighter. I know my day and weeks to come were made brighter by having gone on this little trip. KLJ


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