Friday, July 25, 2008

My Pioneer Heritage

I just celebrated the 24th of July. Those who don't know traditions of Utah do not understand the uniqueness of our 24th of July celebration. This is the day that we celebrate the Pioneers entering the Great Salt Lake Valley. It is a wonderful celebration that the people of Utah have done for over 160 years. I am very grateful to set a day aside that I pause and reflect upon my heritage as a descendant from these noble forebears. I give thanks to the Lord for their sacrifice and their success. Most importantly for the commitment to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and for their love of the Lord. Because of their beliefs and their sure knowledge of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the Church, it has made my life richer and easier. I know because they know. Their stories fascinate me and I have learned many of life lessons from them. My gratitude to you my fathers and mothers, Mathew Daley, Mary Elizabeth Wightman, Arron Daniels, Harriett Nixon, Caroline Rogers, Stephen Hales, William Spencer, Eliza Ewing, William Beddoes, Riah Brockhouse, William Pickering, George Pickering, Ann Wainer. Henry Nebeker, Ann VanWagoner, William Daley, Mary Ann Graham, Charles Wightman, Mary Ann Dixon. There are many more who made the journey.
I enjoyed my day by watching the Days of 47 Parade on television. A barbecue at Jim and Sharon Jensen's. And just being with my family and friends. I had to work the day after and let me tell you it is hard to come back after having the day off.

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