Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Saturday with GAC

I had a great time Saturday with my Great-Aunt Colleen. We visited with Tony, Andrea, Ferron Winnona, Karma and R. Dale. Nilan and Edith and Nick. We went to Vine Bluff Cemetery and search for our lost ancestors and by golly we found them. We found Tabitha Matilda Norton Wright. She is my great-great grandmother on my maternal line so she is my Matriarch. I have always wanted to visit her grave and pay her homage. She died when my great-grandmother was just a small child. We didn't know very much about her, but there was a deep sense of connection to her. Finding her grave was almost spiritual. I indeed felt the connection. I am grateful to have given my respect to her as my maternal grandmother. I believe strongly in the connection of families. It is indeed eternal and forever. We also found Tabitha's mother and father, Tabitha McDaniel Norton and William David Norton. They have interesting stories as they traveled across the plains as early pioneers. We found Elizabeth Salisbury Wright who is my 4th great grandmother. She traveled the plains with the Martin Handcart Company at the age of 52. We know the terrible hardships this company of saints endured. I owe so much to her and her dedication to the Gospel of Jesus Christ just as I owe my love and dedication to all of my ancestors.
GAC and I spent the night visiting with Diane and Jerry. We love to visit with them, then we stayed at the Comfort Inn. Sunday morning we were homeward bound. Dropped my great auntie off in Orem and I went on home to Tooele.
What a great time we had. Lots of people to visit lots of places to see. We didn't get to the shops we had wanted to go to. But that is ok, people are more important. Especially the ones we visited. I hope we scattered sunshine along our way and made everyone's day a little brighter. I know my day and weeks to come were made brighter by having gone on this little trip. KLJ

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