Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Favorite Time of Year

I am so excited! This Friday is the first Tooele High varsity football game, and my grandson Joel is starting on both offense and defense! This is an exciting time for me and my family we love FOOTBALL. All three of my sons were "star football players" at Tooele High and now the next generation is also a "star". Joel is the apple of my eye. He is the first born of my grandchildren and he holds a special place in his Grandma's heart. He lived with me from birth until he was three years old. He was born at a time when my world had crashed. . . and I mean major crash. Six weeks after Joel was born, my husband Lloyd died. It was a rough time for me and my children, but we always had that ray of sunshine in our life because of Joel. Blake nicknamed him the Little Nipper. . . It is amazing how the darkest time of your life can become the brightest time of your life. We all cherish our memories of living together on Upland Drive with Joel as the center of our affections and love. So now the Little Nipper begins his journey as a high school junior starting varsity defense and offense and having all of the family cheering for him and our Tooele team. He stands 6'3" He is a good boy, very humble and courteous. My daughter Emily and son-in-law Russell, have done a wonderful job in raising him.
Last week I watched him play in a scrimmage game, and the tears kept coming to my eyes, I don't know how I will watch a game without tearing. As my years accumulate I realize more each day how precious time is and how fast it goes. These precious moments are gone too quickly. Yes, I wish I could put time in a bottle. . . especially this time. So, Friday nights at Tooele High football games, with Joel and Saturday afternoons are with his brother Andrew at Ute Conference football games. (Andrew is another bright shining star). Can anyone see my light shining because of the countless blessings I have. I will keep everyone posted and soon there will be pictures of my star athlete.

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Lisa said...

I am excited to hear how the game goes. I hope they win. Yeah for Football season :)


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