Monday, September 29, 2008

More of My Favorites

Well, another weekend has passed. Tooele lost the football game on Friday, but it was a good game. We are in a tough region and once we get past this Friday Oct. 3 rd. we will be on even ground with our opponents. My "little Nipper" is really coming into his own. He improves each week and so does the team. We have lost some heart breaking games. In case you don't know Springville's high school football coach is a former NFL quarterback for the Detroit Lion's, Scott Mitchell. But at the game on Friday was just a coach, and our coach was just as good as him. We played a good game. As I sit in the stands I think of how proud my Lloyd must be of our first grandchild, Joel. I know he is there at every game and cheering him on. Joel is definately a Jackson, and there is nothing better.
This upcoming weekend on Saturday I will be going to Payson. To my hometown! I am missing my auntie's and I need to be revitalized emotionally. It is General Conference also, so I am looking forward to that. I keep going down my path and trying to enjoy every minute of the beautiful life I have been blessed with. Enjoy my pictures I have posted of my grandson #76. Also I put on some beautiful Autumn pictures. The mountains and canyons of Utah are beautiful this time of year. Not another place I would rather be.
One last thing. Went to the movies this weekend. "Nights in Rodanthe" OH, MY GOSH! It is the sweetest love story . . . . . but a little too close to my heart and life. . . . . I cried and cried. And Richard Gere, what a hunk! I wanted to take him home with me! And Diane Lane was perfect. I love her other movies such as "Under The Tuscan Sun" I watch that everytime I am feeling lonely and down. But Nights in Rodanthe is unbelievably good.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


September is going way too fast for me! It is beautiful this time of the year in Utah. The flowers are showing their vibrant colors, the sky is bluer than blue and the weather is wonderful. Not to hot and not too cold. Not only is the a beautiful time for nature, but it is a fun and beautiful time for me. I have always loved the fall/autumn time. Football is in full swing. . . . there is nothing like Friday night lights. And that Grandson of mine is playing like you can't believe. We are all so proud of him. He has really come into his own. He is a good boy! Having lots of fun with his high school years. The football coach told Emily he wants Joel to take his ATC in December and then he wants Joel and his parents to go to the College Clearinghouse. Emily said they had thought maybe Joel could play football at Snow College, and the Coach said, why Snow? Joel is University material, Coach said he is thinking more like BYU, Utah, or some other high division college. Can ya, tell I am one proud momma? And let me just say it is a riot sitting with my two younger sons as they watch their nephew, "The Nipper" on the football field. They are a show in and of themselves. My sons have their father's personality and sense of humor!
Enough of the grandson and football. . . . my second favorite thing is SCRAPBOOK USA. Me and my daughter, Emily, head into the Expo Center and have a fun time scrapbooking. It is a blast! A fun time to spend with my daughter, and friends. We usually scrapbook way into the night, but this year we have to leave at 6:00 pm so we can make it to Tooele High's football game. My niece Audrey has not been able to be with us the last few years and I miss her. She made the event even more fun. . . . but her children are involved in their activities now and it takes top priority as it should. She lives in Kanab and it is a long way from Salt Lake City. Maybe after the kids are grown she will be able to join us again.
The time goes fast, and soon this season will be over and I will go to the next season. The holidays will be approaching. My college classes are coming along very well. I love my History 2700 class. I have learned a lot of things I didn't know. And history is my passion and I thought I knew alot before I took the class. My college math class is another story. I am not doing so well in this class. I will barely pass. And right now that is all I care about just passing. I am already thinking of Spring semester which will start in January. I believe I will have more history classes. Not much longer and I have the degree.
Life continues and it is good. There are many things I wish could be different, but I have to be happy with whatever the Lord gives me. And I am trying really hard to be grateful.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Ok, my favorite season and sport is in full swing, and I am one proud Grandma. This is my blog and I can brag, boast, and let my pride come full force. My grandson Joel Spendlove is absolutely awesome! He is 16 years old stands 6'3'' is an offensive lineman, and it is all coming together for him. All the years of little league Ute Conference Football, and the coaching of his Uncle Mat, and the football camps at the U are showing through with an outstanding young football player. Last night the local Tooele newspaper had a sports article on Football for Tooele County. They interviewed Coach Goff and he said, "offensive linemen doen't receive the credit they deserve. We (Tooele High ) have three outstanding linemen, and Joel Spendlove is only a junior playing varsity football. He has made some incredible blocks and taken our ball carriers into the end zone. By next season he will be playing college level football." Oh, my gosh! Me and his mother, Emily went sky high! And the amazing thing is Joel is very humble about the attention he is receiving.
Joel is my first born grandchild, and he is the shining gem in my crown. . . He is my boy that I share with his incredable parents Emily and Russell. They are good parents and Joel has been able to overcome alot of obsticles because of his loving family. He is the light that shines bright in my line of grandchildren. He sets an example of integrety, honor, and humility. He is a good boy! And in todays world it is a challenge and accomplishment to stay true to the values taught to a young man by his parents, grandparents and uncles and aunts. I can't say enough about this young man. And I can't say enough about the good parents he has been blessed with. I like to think that maybe "I" his grandma has had some loving influence on him. And there are many others who have influenced him. His Uncle Mathew has been a guiding force in forming Joel's character. . . Joel is bonded to Mathew. His other uncles, Blake and Mark have also influenced him. He idealizes his uncles and the stories that have been told to him from the time he was born about their accomplishments as athlete's. And high on the pedestal is his grandpa Lloyd. I believe his Grandpa has had and continues to have a tremendous influence on Joel. . . Tonight to go to Ben Lomand in Ogden. . . . I won't miss a game. . . this is my life for right now. And I know by experience it doesn't last nearly long enough. I hope to have pictures posted of the games and my grandson. . . . Keep coming back to my page, and you will share in my journey.


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