Monday, September 29, 2008

More of My Favorites

Well, another weekend has passed. Tooele lost the football game on Friday, but it was a good game. We are in a tough region and once we get past this Friday Oct. 3 rd. we will be on even ground with our opponents. My "little Nipper" is really coming into his own. He improves each week and so does the team. We have lost some heart breaking games. In case you don't know Springville's high school football coach is a former NFL quarterback for the Detroit Lion's, Scott Mitchell. But at the game on Friday was just a coach, and our coach was just as good as him. We played a good game. As I sit in the stands I think of how proud my Lloyd must be of our first grandchild, Joel. I know he is there at every game and cheering him on. Joel is definately a Jackson, and there is nothing better.
This upcoming weekend on Saturday I will be going to Payson. To my hometown! I am missing my auntie's and I need to be revitalized emotionally. It is General Conference also, so I am looking forward to that. I keep going down my path and trying to enjoy every minute of the beautiful life I have been blessed with. Enjoy my pictures I have posted of my grandson #76. Also I put on some beautiful Autumn pictures. The mountains and canyons of Utah are beautiful this time of year. Not another place I would rather be.
One last thing. Went to the movies this weekend. "Nights in Rodanthe" OH, MY GOSH! It is the sweetest love story . . . . . but a little too close to my heart and life. . . . . I cried and cried. And Richard Gere, what a hunk! I wanted to take him home with me! And Diane Lane was perfect. I love her other movies such as "Under The Tuscan Sun" I watch that everytime I am feeling lonely and down. But Nights in Rodanthe is unbelievably good.

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