Thursday, October 23, 2008

Season is Changing

Well, the season is changing. It is so cold right now in northern Utah that I am reminded snow and winter will soon be coming. Although it is cold it is still beautiful here.
The Tooele Football season didn't end the way we wanted it to. THS is not going to any play-off games and we are done for the season. Joel was really disappointed to say the least . . . But the next sporting season will start soon. Joel wrestles and Andrew is basketball. Andrew is still playing football. His little league team is still in competition, we will be sitting in snow, I just know!
As everyone can see my life is wrapped up in my children and grandchildren. I don't have a life of my own. There are a lot of things I miss out on because of being alone, but I try to get by and keep busy. I sometimes wish there was that special someone who could continue my journey with me. . .I have the blessing of family and friends in my life. My dear friend Vickie came to see me yesterday afternoon. What a treat. I just love her. She is so good to me. Vickie and I have been friends forever. Our parents were best friends and we just kind of grew up together. Her brother Diz (Richard) was best friends to my brother. . . Not only are we best friends but we are also distant cousins. We have a common ancestor and are in the same generation line. I appreciate Vickie for her compassion and understand nature with me. I true friend in deed. There isn't much else going on with me. Just doin the best I can. Work is a drag! It gets in the way of the real things I want to do. . . . . I was never cut out for the eight to five life five days a week. I am more of a two or three days and only 4 hours per day. But since I have to support myself, I must work the full shift. Things cost too much now and I am pretty high maintance, in the fact that I love clothes and shoes and purses, and all the girly things. I have always been a girly, girl. I like to buy new things for myself and for my home and give to my kids. I know the Lord keeps me poor because if I had money my kids would never go without. . . . and I would have anything I wanted! O00000, I sound like a "selfish want evertyhing person." Hmmmm, I think that is what I must truly be.
Just trying to do my best, and giving all that I can. Always

Monday, October 6, 2008

Life is Good

My goodness where does the time go? I had a very good weekend. I went to Payson, Utah to stay over night with my Aunt Diane and Uncle Jerry. I always love staying there. They live in my Grandma Dot's home. I was raised in that home surrounded with the love of my Grandma. The older I become the more I love my Grandmother. That is a whole other blog. . . . and one day I will devote a full blog to her. Anyway my stay with my Auntie and Uncle was wonderful. They reaffirm the love of family and the great circle I have been blessed with. I also went to my best friend's birthday/retirement party. It was a surprise to her! Me, and Caren Kirk (Curtis), Jeannine Patton (Provestggard) and Judy Wightman (Cook) really enjoyed being there to help celebrate Vickie's birthday and retirement. There is just one more "friend" that turns 60 this year, Christie is the last one. (Note the picture at the side). My friends are another blessing in my life. It is unique for old friends from high school to still be so close. We truly watch over one another. Caren is really good to make sure all of us our happy in our 'nests'.
Between old friends, my auntie and uncle, and listening to conference I feel much better. I realize more fully I am blessed with the tender mercies of the Lord. I will be forever thankful I made right choices in my life. I come from a wonderful family, I have been and continue to be blessed by great friends, and I am LDS, trying the best I can to live a good life. I am as imperfect as can be but somehow the Lord is blessing me. I cry to him daily to be with me always, and to help me fulfill the mission he has set for me. I cherish life and I know it can change in seconds. I want the Great God of all to know I am Thankful always to Him.


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