Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where Is Time Going

Oh, where is it going? I can not believe it is November and this year is just about gone! I feel like I am being robbed. Robbed of precious time to make MORE memories. My oldest child turns 40 years old this month, November 25 Mathew Lloyd Jackson first born child of Karie Lyne Daley and Lloyd Jackson. I am having a hard enough time in turning older, but having my first born turn 40 just seems impossible. The day, the time the moment is etched in my heart forever. The joy, the unbelievable reality of really having our own child was something that can never be forgotten. Wasn't it just yesterday that this beautiful baby boy was placed in my arms and encircled in mine and Lloyd's love? Where did 40 years go. . . . it just can't be that they have passed and I can no longer bring them back. I am a first born and when I turned 40 my Dad said to me, he couldn't stand having me grow older because it just met he too was growing older. Each generation moves forward and someday beyond.
I met my "old friends" last night for dinner. . . . what a great time. Right now I am kind of in a fragile state, and I easily shed tears. There were 14 of us at the dinner. As I looked over the group I thought of all the memories I have created with them. Some of these friends I have had since birth, some from elementary school, and some from jr. high and high school. We have know each other for 60 years! We are a beautiful group of women, (girls at heart). I just couldn't believe the classy group we are. . . . it is not to say we have not weather some of lifes hardest storms because many of us have. We have loved and lost and done it over and over again. And yet we laugh and giggle as if we were the young girls we once were. . . . We love and support each other in all that we do. If not in person in our hearts we care for one another. They lift my spirits and make me a better person. . To my "old friends" thanks for my journey with you.
The tears are streaming down my cheeks so I am going to close this post. I have so much more to write but it will come later. KJ


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