Friday, December 19, 2008

End of the year ramblings

I become very nostalgic at this time of year, as I am sure most people do. Sometimes the memories are comforting and sometimes they are hard for me to deal with. But always tender and soulful. I pause at this time of year and count my many blessings. Something I should do constantly, but I am one of those people who can stumble right over a blessing and not see it. I visited with an old friend last night, I ask him how he was doing and he said "not so good, I am in the last stages of my life". Ed is a dear friend of mine and Lloyd's, we were once "couple" friends, his wife Vivian was my best friend and Lloyd and Ed were best friends. Ed and Lloyd became friends at the time they were both becoming active in the Church. They had many things in common, both has sowed their wild oats, and later faced some difficult challenges. We had many happy times together. We laughed and we cried, and developed in the gospel together. Tragically Ed and Vivian faced the lose of their first child, and when their little girl was three years old one Christmas Eve they lost her. Ed wasn't through with loses, Vivian died tragically in an auto accident on my birthday January 17th. Ed was left with four children to raise. His youngest were two year old twins. Lloyd and I were with Ed through this loses and they were difficult times. Eventually he found a good woman to help his raise his children and help to heal his broken heart. Now Ed faces his own mortality . . . . Ed ask me why I didn't come to see him, and my answer was. . . because it hurts! We hugged and kissed and said good-bye.
Yesterday was the 53rd anniversary of my mother and father's accident. My mother has been gone for a life-time. . . what kept coming to my mind was my little four year old brother coming to me and asking me where our Mom was. We were young children and didn't understand the meaning of death. Neither one of us knew where "Heaven" was. We were told that was where she was, and that was it. Nothing more nothing less, just Heaven. I have traveled a long path of life, and at times I still wonder where Heaven is! The destination for all of us is "Heaven". I am not really sure where it is. . . . . The Babe born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago brought answers to all the questions. He is the Son of God, and carries healing in his wings. He, Jesus Christ, is the mighty God of both Heaven and Earth. If I follow Him I will know where Heaven is.

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