Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Thought I would post my Christmas Newsletter. I haven't done this for a long time, but I decided some of us really do like newsletters. I do! So here goes with the quick version of the family newsletter. I send Christmas Greetings and Good News from me to you. I am happy to say that w are all healthy, happy and doing well. I am especially happy here in Tooele living close to my children and their families. I am very blessed to have all four of my children living close to me. My favorite place to be is with them, whether it is at their homes, at the ball fild, in the high school stadium or at the gym, I want to be where they are. With nine grandchildren I spend a lot of time at a variety of activities. They are all involved in something that is good. I marvel at how bright they are, how talented, and how close to me they are. They truly are my crowning jewels, my bright stars and my greatest accomplishments. My life is lived through and for them.

Mathew and Melanie are very involved with their family and church and community. The three children, Baylee, Emma, and Jared keep things moving at a fast pace. Mathew is the Vice-Principal at Tooele High so you can only imagine how busy he is. Melanie still works at the local hospital here in Tooele. Baylee is a beautiful bright young woman, a freshman at Tooele High and on the girls volly ball team. Emma is my blonde blue eyed granddaughter. Seh is a sweet loving little girl, she is in the third grade and is of course very bright. Her softball team this summer won the championship. Her Daddy was the coach. She is definately a Daddy's girl. Jared, is an active (understatement) little guy. He makes me laugh, and sometimes his parents can't understand why I get such a kick out of him. He is a bright first grader.

Emily and Russell are also very involved with family and church. Russ works at the "burn" plant, where the government is getting rid of all the toxic bombs! He just completed remodeling their home. He literally did it himself. It is beautiful. Emily works at Tooele High. (Her older brother Mat just can't seem to get rid of her). Emily and Russ have my two star athlete's Joel and Andrew. My Joel is an impressive football player and follows in the Jackson tradition of being a great player. He also is the high school varsity wrestler. He is a great young man both on the playing field and off. He upholds what every young man should, discipline, goodness and integrity. He is a Junioor at Tooele High School and loves having his Mom and his Uncle Mat there. Andrew is also following the Jackson tradition as a football player and a basketball player. He is very social whereas Joel is very shy. But they are brothers in every way. They cheer for each other and watch out for each other. And they are tender and concerned for me their Grandmother.

Blake and Gina are active and busy with their interests and jobs also. Gina works at a local doctor's office and is an EMT on the Tooele ambulance. Blake works at the golf course and goes to school at Utah State University. Brissa is also growing up. She is in the second grade and does very well. She is my dancer. The most tender scene is watching Blake and Brissa dance together at Brissa's annual dance revue. Brissa is very much a girly girl, but she also loves being with her Daddy working the dogs. Blake raises hound dogs and trains them. Brissa is just like "little Ann" in the book "Where The Red Fern Grows". She can handle the dogs, the horses and the mule. Blake and Mark hunt and pursue mountain lion's (courgars), in the mountains of Tooele County and surrounding areas. They are quite the hunters and have taken some impressive pictures of thie mountain beasts.

Mark and Shelly are equally as busy with their jobs, interes and going to school. Both Mark and Shelly take classes at Utah State University. I love that they are continuing their education. Shelly works, goes to school and still finds time to nourish her creative side. Mark is a devoted father to his three little girls. They have three of my granddaughters, Sara, Zada and Maya. Sara loves to do crafts at my house, she is in the third grade and is a caring tender older sister. Zada is also close to me, she is at the Early Learning Center and has improved so much with her speech. She is a little drama queen. Very expressive! Her and Maya love to come see Grandma at work each day. Maya is the little sister and is a beautiful sweet little girls (just like the others). She turns three in January one day before her Grandma's birthday.

As always there is never a dull moment in the Jackson family. Something is always going on, which is ok with me as long as I am invited! My life is centered around my children and thier children. I can see the blessings of the Lord in every area of my life and theirs.

At times I feel the emptiness that is in my heart, but I must remember the promises that have been given to me, by a loving Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. I believe that Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem more than 200 years ago. I believe more than ever that He is the Son of God, the Redeemer of the world. I believe!

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