Monday, February 23, 2009

Just An Ordinary Person

I have been a little slow to change things and take care of my blog. I don't have a good reason other than that is how I am, s l o w! Well, the grandsons are done with their basketball and wrestling, I will not have to endure a stinky, sweaty, hot, crowed gymasium for another year. . . . (oh but I love being there). Joel didn't do as good as we had hoped at region wrestling. He placed 5th, and they only took the top 4 to state. So he didn't get to go. He was disappointed for about a day, and then moved on to something else. It is all in the past now. Isn't it amazing how at the time it is devastating and then poof.. . . . . it doesn't matter. When you are 17 years old things work like that. He is on to bigger and better things, Matty, she is the Tooele High girls softball pitcher. That will be another story I am sure. Andrew finished his basketball season and so did little Jared. I don't know if Jared will return. I think Jared was bored. . . Andrew will be back for sure. I am afraid my daughter's two sons have the Jackson athletic ability and drive, and the little Jackson boy Jared, just hasn't developed it yet. The little granddaughters will be starting girls softball, so my down time doesn't last too long. I will spend the spring and summer at the softball fields. I have one little dancer in the mix of it all, and she is a beauty!
I recently read something that is so true. . . . . .

"The love I gave my children I thought I could give no other, but God gave me a wonderful surprise one day when I became a grandmother. "

For those of you who are grandmothers you can understand that. Isn't it true, you love your children so much and low and behold here comes the grandchildren, and your love is even deeper. . . . There is nothing like it.
At one of Andrew's ball games I fell going up the steps of the bleachers, when my grandson Joel saw that I went down, he flew over everyone in his way and came to rescue me. Having that big 6'3'' grandson tenderly lift me up and help me was worth the embarrassment of falling in front of hundreds of people. He watches over me so lovingly and is so concerned and attentive. And so are the others. To see their eyes light up when I come to their house or see them anywhere makes my heart swell with rapture and pride. It is true when you have children you are very blessed in this life and in the eternities.
I am so glad spring is around the corner. At least I hope it is. This winter has been hard for me. I am looking forward to longer daylight, and warmer days. I am glad I live where the seasons change. I like them all. And when I am tired of one season, the next is on the horizon. I would never want it to always be sunny and warm. Just as I don't want it to be cold, and dreary all the time. It is good to have a variety. When you live in Utah you get a variety in the weather. In the spring you never know what you are going to get. I suppose you could equate that to life, it is good to have a variety in your life. The good days and the bad days along with so-so days. Some of us have our share of bad days. . . . Well, check back and hopefully I will have something of worth to read about. KJ

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