Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas

I Hope you Have a Very
Merry Christmas!
Surrounded by Those You Love
Family and Friends . . . .
I'd like to share with you my home
All decorated for the Holidays
This is just a few of the vignettes in my home. . .
The Snowmen and a very special decorations
My son made the decorations over 35 years ago
in a school art class. . .
I cherish it. . .
The poinsetta my son and daughter-in-law
gave me this year. . .
It would have been my 44th Wedding Anniversary
and they presented me with this lovely gift.

The Precious Decoration

From Many Years Ago. .

A Christmas Vignette

And Nativity Scence

I made the Nativity many years ago.

And last but never least
The Christmas Tree
Beautifully displayed with a
Christmas Vignette
Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some Day We'll Meet Again

December 9, 1966
Was my Wedding Day
I married this wonderful man
The Love of My Life
We were married on a cold December 9th
and we had 25 wonderful years together

My husband died 19 years ago
But his memory has never faded and I continue
to cherish him and love him
He is the father of my children
What a tremendous blessing he gave me!
In 1966 on that cold December day
it was all about our love for each other
and the hopes and dreams we shared
We never planned for our lives to change
We thought we would grow old together
just as we did everything, Together. . . . .

These are the picture of our family

On our Wedding Day
We were young and full of excitement to
go on the journey of life together
raise a family
grow old together
enjoy grandchildren
All of the things that young couples hope for

I am a December Bride
And someday I will be in the arms of my
and we will continue our journey Together.
Only this time it will be

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Introducing My Turkey's

I would like to introduce you to my Turkey's
The are the sweetest little flock of turkey friends.
You see I made each one of them.
I gave them "life"
And their personalities. . . .
I am so Thankful for them!This Tom Turkey has been with me the longest of any.
I believe he has been with me longer than my children!
He was the first one I made
He is the Head Turkey!
This little Turk use to have a sister,
She is was broken into pieces and had to go to the
graveyard of Turkey's

The is the Character of the bunch!

He cracks me up

So dang cute!

Oh, this one is so sturdy and strong

I love him too.

He has been a strong good friend

And this little sweetheart, she is the beauty of the flock

So sweet and gentle is she. . .

Each November when I open the storage box to bring

my friends to life. . . . it is like greeting old friends.

They take their special place in my home and I enjoy their company

Then it will be time to retire them for another year.

My Friends the Turkey's

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Thankful Heart

When November is here I like to write
in my Gratitude Journal
Each day I list this things I am thankful for
There are always the obvious
that I thank the Lord for every day
(sometimes many times a day)
I am always thankful for
My Family
My relationship with the Savior Jesus Christ
My membership in His Church
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
The Scriptures
Especially the Book of Mormon
I am thankful I was born to Goodly Parents
My Brother and His Family
My Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins
My Friends.
And the list goes on and on,
But, I also like to think of the less obvious
such as:
Doors and Locks on Doors
Carpet under my Feet
Diet Coke
Watching t.v
Warm Home
My nice Car
Heater in cars
Windshield Wipers
Fresh Vegetables and Fruits in the Winter
Clean Sheets on my bed
Hair Spray
My Washing Done
Books, and magazines
Good Mommie's and Daddy's
Not having to rush
Nail Polish
Soft Skin
Sound of the train
Sound of the wind rustling leaves
Lamps and Light Switches
Clean Bathrooms
Clean House
Salt and Pepper Shakers
Sharp Scissors
Money to pay my bills
Paved Roads
Knowing that God hears and answers Prayers
He is mindful of me. . .
He know the desires of my Heart.
These are just a few of the things I am Thankful for
The list could go on and on
Once you start to list the things you are thankful for
you think of more things. . . . it never ends
And my gratitude goes to my
Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.
May you be Blessed to have them in your life.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Night With The Girls

Friday Night Girls Night. . .
Lots of
Two of the little Granddaughters
painting their name blocks

Two more Granddaughter's
Also painting and designing

Grandma sanding the blocks
Granddaughters waiting patiently for the blocks

Ooooo! Daughter-in-law
Looking good!
But we have to be safe too.

We even stayed over night together. . .
How fun is that?
It was a great time being together.
Love these girls in my family.
I am so blessed!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween
Hope you have a Safe, Fun
Trick or Treating time
My littel ghosts, gobblins, monsters, and princesses
will be out in full force.
But I think Grandma will stay home
and get the hot chocolate and cookies ready for them
when they are done. . . . I am not sure what the little sweethearts are going to be
They have changed several time.
I will be sure to have pictures of them after
Saturday night

We will celebrate Halloween on Saturday this year
since the 31st fall on Sunday.
We like to keep Sunday reserved for
worshiping our Savior and Lord.
Saturday night the witches will be out
Be safe and have fun
And especially be nice.
It is a fun time for the youngsters
to dress-up and get lots of treats
After this celebration
We will start preparing for the next one
and then you know what follows that?
But in the mean time
Happy Halloween

Friday, October 22, 2010

Better Late Than Never

This is me and my family at Brissa's Baptism
Brissa and her Mommy, Gina and Daddy, Blake

A lot of things have happened in my Daley Life
since I last posted.
My Little Brissa Marie Jackson
was baptized!
She is now a member of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints I am so proud of her
It was a wonderful day.
And things just keep getting exciting. . . . .
My grandson Joel
Received his mission call
He will be serving in
The Tampa Florida Mission.
For two years he will serve the Lord
on this mission.
I am so proud of him!
I have so much to be thankful for in my life. . .
The blessings just keep coming.

Monday, September 13, 2010

It Is Fall and I Love It!

I see the beauties of Fall
all around. .
I can even see Fall in
the color of the blue sky
I see it in the trees
The flowers
I fields of pumpkins
And all that is being harvested
I feel it in the air and I hear it!
Ya, I hear it.
At Football games!
My favorite sport of all
Bring it on
FootballAnd I love it!
It is my favorite time of year
I even see Fall in my home decor. . . .
I like to decorate for the Fall season
This is just a sampling of the things I have sitting
in little vignettes.

My door will WELCOME you as you
enter my
Fall colored home

Mmmmm! I love this time of year
I wish it could stay this way
But, I have to admit I do like the changing of
The Seasons

Monday, September 6, 2010

My Pickering Family

The Sunday of Labor Day Weekend
is traditionally my
Pickering Family Reunion
We started it over 45 years ago
We are all so close in our relationships
that we wanted something to keep us together and
in each others lives.
If you are wondering how I am a
Well, my Grandma is a
Pickering My Grandma's only sister is my
Great -Aunt Colleen
She is 80 years old
she is very proud of her nieces and nephews
and that she has so many.
1st picture is of her and her nieces and nephew
(not all of them are in the present)2nd picture is of her and her great-niece and nephew
(not all are present)

3rd picture is of her great-great nieces and nephews
(not all are present)

4th and 5th pictures are of her
great-great-great nieces and nephews
great-great-great nieces and nephews
(not all are present)
I love my Great-Aunt Colleen
My Mother is her niece!
They were the same age!
She and my Mom were very close
They were best friends.
It was hard for my Aunt Colleen
to lose my Mom.
She and I have been very close.
I guess I just kind of filled in for my Mom.
She is a very creative woman.
And has taught me a lot.
I'm glad I carry some of the same creative genes that she does.
(funny how families are like that)
I am thankful Pickering is part of my heritage!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Family Lions

This little Lion is one of my very FAVORITES!
This Lion is just about as cute as they come in the Lion Kingdom!
She appears to be fearce and scary, but never fear.
She is as gentle as a lamb. . . .
Now you say

Why have you put a Lion at the first of your blog?

Well, I am happy to tell you. . . .The Lion has become my personal mascot.

You see

I really like Lions.
I come from a long line of Lions. .. . .
My Daddy is a Lion
His name is LEO,
now if that isn't a Lion I don't know who is. .
And you won't believe it
but I gave birth to a Lion.
Yes sir ree
His name is Blake LEO
I say that is a Lion also.
And to top it off
my high school mascot is a
One of my all time favorite Disney movie is
of course,
Lion King!
Yep, I love LIONS
Right now I am trying to find a BIG LION PICTURE
I have in mind what I want.
I just can't find the right one.
It will represent my
Strong, Wise Lions!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Children's Family~The Jackson Reunion

The Jackson Reunion
My children with their
Daddy's family!
This year it was held in eastern Utah
It was a good time for my children
to re-connect with their
Dad's family.
Uncles, Aunts, and especially
Cousins!There are 15 First Cousins in the
Jackson Family
Two of the cousins are missing in this photo
It is a rare thing to have
this many Jackson cousins together at once. . .
Lloyd has 4 Jackson children
Mathew, Emily, Blake, Mark
LeEarl has 6 Jackson children
Jerry, Robin, Brenda, Chrissy, Jami, LJ
Verla has 4 children
Troy, Wendy, Brent, Gary
Ervin has 1
The family traits are strong in this family. . .
I just have to chuckle!
My children had a great time.
It is good for them to stay connected to
their Dad's family.
I went to this reunion also.
The best part for me, of course,
is being with my kids and grandkids.
Blake and his family and Mat and his family
stayed over night there.
I stayed with them.
We took a beautiuful drive home
Flaming Gorge
I haven't been there for many many years,
The drive was beautiful and I really enjoyed it.
It is a beautiful part of the country.

Life is about change and
nothing ever stays the same.

A hard thing for me to accept.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

There Is So Much More

There is so much more going on!
I am very excited at the things that
have happened in the last day!
You know I have another blog?
And I reached 5196 views,
That is a lot of people viewing my blog!
(I am pretty excited and overwhelmed about it.)
Did you know I have another Blog?
Ya, I do.
It is called
Karie's Chic Creations
That is where I blog about the Arts and Crafts I do
The things I make
Things I transform from "old"
to "new" I blog about the stacks of fabric that I
make into beautiful accessories for
my Home.

I blog about the many trips I make to
Michael's Craft Store
and what I make from the things
I buy there.

I recently blogged about this
pillow I created. . ..
I traced the ampersand onto the fabric
colored it black with a Magic Marker
and sewed a pillow. . . .
It decorates my home!

I love crafting and all that comes with it. .
If it seems like I am neglecting my
Daley Blog
It is because I am over at

Blogging and Crafting away.
Why don't you come over
and see what I am doing.

(The Daley Blog will always be my 1st love)
Don't worry I will still
Blog here!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I Want To Remember How They Look

I recently read this experience of Helen Keller's
and it made me reflect and think of the things
I would want to remember if I were
to lose my eye sight.
(Heaven forbid that should ever happen!)
Have you ever read Helen Keller's comment on a girl who
had just taken a walk in the woods?
Helen ask the young girl, "What did you observe"?
And the young girl's reply was,
"Nothing in paticular".
"How is it possible, Helen asked herself, to walk for
an hour through the woods and see nothing
worthy of note?
I, who cannot see, find hundreds of things
to interest me through mere tough.
I feel the delicate symmetry of a leaf.
I pass my hands lovingly about the
smooth skin of a silver birch,
or the rough shaggy bark of a pine.
In spring I touch the branches of trees
hopefully in search of a bud, the first sign of
awakening Nature after her winter's sleep.
Occasionally, if I am very fortunate,
I place my hand gently on a small tree
and feel the happy quiver of
a bird in full song.
At times my heart crises out with longing
to see all these things with physical eyes,
but if I can get so much pleasure from
mere touch, how much more beauty
must be revealed by sigh.
And I have imagined what I should
most likely to see if I were granted
the use of my eyes. . . . . even for just three days!"
(Helen Keller, Treasures of Life, 1962)
If I were to lose my eye-sight these are
a few of the things I would want to remember.
The beauty and grandur of the Wasatch Mountains
The crisp, cold, powder. . . .

The blue sky over the red rocks of Southern Utah

The lights of downtown Salt Lake City

The blue sky in the winter.
How fresh it feels and how beautiful it is.

But the most important thing I would never want
to forget are the faces of my family
Each individual face tells its own story
and I never want to forget them.


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