Friday, March 5, 2010

Long Needed New Post

I have really neglected my blogspot. I am going to do much better from now on. I guess I got too absorbed in myself and how crappy I was feeling and I didn't feel like sharing anything with my blog friends. Hopefully this will be a better year for me. I feel much better and I am again enjoying my life and the many blessing I have. My children and grandchildren keep me really busy. I had even stopped doing my crafts and my handwork, but I am back onboard with life and enjoying the simple things I can create with my own hands. I have found it is the simple things that are the spice of my life. I enjoy the beautiful world I live in. I am surrounded by beautiful positive things. My home is simple, but filled with happiness and children's laughter. I love having the grandchildren they bring cheerfulness and excitment to another wise quiet place. I love to hear them laugh and chatter. I have been greatly blessed with wonderful friends who are there for me and cheer me when I am down. My children are a huge blessing. They fill my life with happiness. . . there is no where I would rather be than with my children! I have great faith in a living God, who hears and answers my prayers. He knows me by name and knows my needs. He wants me to be happy. I can't let Him down.
All that I am. . . All that I have. . . The Great God of The Universe has given me.

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