Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Things Turn Out The Way God Plans

I spent the day at the emergency room and the operating room waiting room today. My middle son Blake had a kidney stone. . . Many people have experienced this. The course of action was different for Blake, because we found that he only has one kidney! He was born that way and we never knew it. Because he only has one kidney the doctors had to immediately go in and surgically remove the stone. Then they put stints in the "tube" from his kidney to his bladder. He is doing ok right now, with lots of pain med and tender care from Gina and Brissa. Mathew came to the hospital and gave him a blessing of both healing and comfort. It was scary for a while but we knew that everything would be ok. . . . . Gina is doing ok and so am I. Now knowing that he has one kidney he will have to be careful in the things he does. And hopfully he will not have another stone.
As I reflected on the events of the day and finding he only has one kidney, I realized it is good I didn't know when he was a baby and a little boy and young teenager. I would have raised Blake in a glass jar, and never let him experience the activities and experiences that all boys want to experience. I would have never let him play contact sports, and rode horses, and hiked and climbed mountains. I would have been overly protective of him. He would have never developed into the great man that he is today, because I would have wanted to keep a close eye on him at all times. Things turn out the way the Lord has planned. Now Blake will need to be more cautious and more careful but he can still live a full and abundant life.
I thank my Heavenly Father for His tender mercies towards me and my family. His protecting Eye is ever upon us. My prayers are answered, when I ask that my children will be protected and watched over by angels. I ask that my children will accomplish the things on this earth that the Lord has planned for them. I stand all amazed at His blessings!

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