Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter In Kanab

The kids having their pictures taken in the slot canyon. My brother standing at the entrance of the canyon. You can see how narrow parts were.

My brother at the slot canyon I am going to hike into. I can't believe I did it.

Emma, Melanie and Jared ready to go to the sand dunes and the slot canyon

Little Preston is so cute. He is with his Mommy my niece Casey watching for the wild turkey's to jump from the red cliffs.

A beautiful ampatheater in the red cliffs.

We watching the wild turkey's jump from the red cliffs. It was so amazing to watch them.

The tom turkey's would have their tails in full fans, and their "skirt" would also be full. It was a wonderful sight to watch them jump from the cliffs. They were going to roost in the trees.

Thursday we went to Paria. It is beautiful with very different rock formations and colors. There is an ancient cemetrary there. The early pioneers tried to settle the area, but the elements where too harsh. In modern times many western movies were filmed there. The Outlaw Josey Wells with Clint Eastwood was filmed there.

Melanie, Emma, KaitLynn, Kyle and Jared at the ancient cenetrary.

Clint and Julie are ready to get on the road

Audrey wouldn't let me take her picture

KaitLynn was happy to see us

Lily is excited to start our long journey to Kanab

Emma and Jared are very excited

It was snowing in Tooele when we left for Kanab.

I will have more pictures tomorrow. I have to go watch Dancing With The Stars! Somehow I have to learn how to post my pictures in a more efficient way and so they look nice. I am just learning blogging.

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