Sunday, April 11, 2010

Scattered Ramblings on a Windy Night

A cheap table I have had for many years. Amazing what spray paint does. . . Cute

I like this grouping I have in a narrow wall at the end of my kitchen. Pictures of my grandkids and pictures of my Dad and my oldest son. Sweet reminders of how blessed I am.

One of my recent cross-stitch projects. Yes, it is suppose to be Spring, but so far I haven't seen it. I live in Utah. . . Spring will come someday and only stay for a few days, and then it will be summer with blazing hot weather. Oh well, there is no where else I would rather live.
My mind is scattered in the wind. It has been really blowing here all night and all day. My allergies have really got me down. My eyes are burning and running. I take allergey medication, but it makes me sleepy.
Today has been the Sabbath. I love Sunday's. I love the Lord's day. . . . it was good to be at Church today and hear other's testimonies. Last week was General Conference. I didn't get to see every session because I was on Easter vacation at my brother's in Kanab. (Earlier post). But the sessions I did listen to helped me so much. I am so blessed to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. To have the knowledge and to be led by a living Prophet and Apostles at this time is a tremendous blessing and comfort. I stand all amazed at the love Jesus gives me and the blessings He sends me.
I follow several blogs and I am so inspired by them. Most of them are craft/homemaking blogs, with lots of neat ideas. I like to keep busy and create things and they give me great ideas. I am amazed at the talents of some of these bloggers.
I have been following one blog of a very talented gal, who makes the cutest greeting cards. But the thing that intregues me is she tells of her and her families journey with her husband fighting a very rare and deadly form of cancer.
I don't know how I found her blog, but each day I have to check it out and see her beautiful card and find out how her husband is doing. Sometimes it reminds me of my own journey many years ago with my husband and heart desease. She tells how her and her husband take long walks and talk so intimately about life and how she sees things differently. The small things in life become so wonderous. The things you take for granted become so important. You realize how beautiful God's creation of this earth and this life are. You cherish each moment each second you have with family and friends. . . . Life takes new meaning.
Oh, how I remember the night before Lloyd's first open heart surgery. How frightened we both were, how much we loved each other and our children, and our life together. This was in 1978 before modern medical technology had perfected open heart surgery. We were young, and so very frightened. My sweetheart lived through that surgery and subsequent surgeries, and then one day his heart gave out. It could no longer function and the Lord called Lloyd home. And my life and my children's life started on a new path.
Life is full of paths. . . . it is a journey and we are changing and learning all the while we are here. I want to enjoy my journey, I want to have the little things matter. I want to cherish each moment of time. . . . appreciate the beauties that surround me.

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Susan said...

You are awesome! And very talented! I love your cross-stitch! Thanks for sharing!


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