Sunday, April 18, 2010

This Beautiful World

Red cliffs of Southern Utah, as if God's paintbrush stroked the earth with varying huges of red.

Dead Horse Point near Moab, Utah. as the Colorado River making its journey to the Pacific.

The awesome power of nature's force. The volcanic eruption in Iceland.

The last few weeks I am awe-struck as I read and witness the natural occurances on this earth. I am reminded of the power of God and the forces of nature he commands with His Voice. This earth is beautiful and in a constant state of change. She was created for Man's happiness and to further our progression in the eternities. Heavenly Father is in charge of the earth and everthing that is upon it. The Earth and Universe were created by His mighty Hand. I stand in awe at the things I am witnessing. I have never seen nor heard of so much going on with the natural forces of nature. How blessed we are to be living at this time. We are able to witness the wonders by means of modern technology, and the knowledge we receive both from the scientific world and from the scriptures put everything in its proper place and perspective. I thank Him ever day for the little spot I occupy in the vastness of worlds without end. He know my name and He know my happiness and my sadness. What concerns me, concerns Him. I am so grateful for life in all it's forms, both seen and unseen.
Jesus Christ is the Mighty God. . . . . .

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