Friday, May 14, 2010

Never Ending Projects

My son Mark is being nice (well sort of) and letting me use a portion of his garage for my painting projects. I make a big mess! If I wasn't at his place, I would have this mess on my patio and it would send me into orbit. . . . . and eventually it will send him. He told me today I was bringing in more than I was taking out. . . Hummmmmm, could be true. I have got to stay away from DI and the dollar store. But I am getting things done. This is my latest. I always forget to take a picture of the before. This little table was hidious. It came from my house via DI. . . . I have had it for several years and it was an ugly brown. Ugh!

Got the idea of "apple green" from Sassy Style. Sassy Style girl said to use a good primer and spray paint. None of that cheap stuff. She is right! It makes a difference. The paint goes on smoother, no runs, and it dries faster. It actually takes less paint. I love my new table. Now where am I going to put it? It may go on the patio. . . . .
I did bring home the bench I was working on. I will show you pictures next post. I have it on my patio and letting the clear coat dry for 24 hours. It is bright yellow! Loving it. Oh color where have you been? I think I have lived in "drab world". Bring on the color!
I have a couple of other big pieces I want to paint. I don't paint when it gets hot. And living in Utah there are only two temperatures, cold and hot! In the next week or so we will jump into the hot zone and I will be complaining that it is too hot. . . . I complain about the weather a lot.
So for the next little while I will be working on my paint projects. Get them done before summer.
Tomorrow I will be at my daughter's scrapbooking. She informed me "we" have scrapbooks that need to be completed before Joel graduates! Which is on June 2nd. I am so glad my kids have a MOM that gets to help them all the time! I didn't have one and there are just times you need to use your Mom's time and talents and energy (and resources)!
My life is dedicated to the little buggers and I love it.
Watch for the next post. . . My life isn't that exciting but I do have pictures.

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