Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lollies and Granddaughters

It was a Lollie day for me and the granddaughters,
MayaThese are just a few of the lollies they made.
I showed them how to make them
then. . .
I turned them loose.
They loved it!
My little girls love to get into
Scrapbooking "stuff"
All the paper
All the emblishments

Brissa is showing one of her lollies.
They each made at least 2
the older girls made more
and Emma was thinking
of Bayli
and made her one
(so sweet)

The older girls were good to help the two younger ones
of course Grandma helped Maya
make her lollie.
Zada wanted to make her own!

Oh, my goodness, my house was a mess!
But that is ok,
The mess was soon cleaned up
Memories last forever!
We had goodies to eat and drink
We laughed a lot!
I got such a kick out of each one of them!

My 4th of July lollies

Sara being creative making her lollie
(notice the chocolate? They are just like their Grandma)
(Gotta have the chocolate while creating)
Oh, they do like Diet Coke too!

There is my Emma trying to decide on which
paper to make her lollie
Brissa is helping Maya while Zada looks on.
It was a fun day for me and my girls
I love each one of them
Their little personalities are precious
I must say though. . . . .
I prayed the night before
that I would be
and remember what it is
like to be a little girl. . .
My sweet little girls
Always Remember Me!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh, Good-Grief!

Oh Good-Grief What Was I Thinking?
I have 5 darling little Granddaughter's
coming to my house tomorrow!
I had a weak moment
and wanted to make great
memories with
my Granddaughters. . . .
So. . .
I said why not do crafts with them?
They are creative little souls
I love to do crafts
and I am somewhat
creative. . .
So. . .
Have the little darlin's
come to Grandma's
and have a craft day.
They love to play in my craft (crap) room
My scrapbooking "stuff" is always
their favorite.
So. . .
We are making
Yes, I said Lollies. . .
Not lolliepops!
I will have pictures to show you on Tuesday night
(if I am functioning or still alive or don't have a migraine)
Really, I am excited to have them with me.
I want to be with them and
I want them to always remember me
and to know that I think the
world of them. . . . . .
I love to see their creativity
I like to think they get some of that from
me, their Grandma,
I get mine from my
So wish me luck,
I will report back to you after we
have made our Lollies.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Is Here- - Tooele Arts Festival

A sure sign that summer is here is
TheThe last weekend in June
Just before 4th of July
Today was a beautiful summer day to have
The Festival.
Lots of vendors
and good music. . . .
I like to just stroll through
and see all the artistic work
Mostly I like to see the people
A lot of the old-time Tooele people
and a lot of new faces.
I just bought me two
bracelet watch bands.
One black
The other red, white and blue
Just in time for the 4th celebration.

Like I said there were lots of vendors.
But one of the fun things is the FOOD!
Mat and Jared and Jared's friend Canyon
are enjoying the shade
and the good food.
Me and Mat had the Philly Steak Sandwich
Mmmmmmm! GOOD!

Oh, good grief I lost Melanie and Emma's picture!
I am still new to this blogspot blogging
and sometimes I lose things.
There isn't a back button.
Or an undo button
And I really need one.
Well, anyway, it was fun at the Arts Festival 2010
Now how did this picture get here?????
Oh, the wonders and mysteries
of blogging!
This is my day Friday
I spray painted frames
and other things
It was a 100 in Mark's garage!
I was sweating like an old pig!
This was just the priming stage
Then I sprayed black and aqua
Remember the shelf I hung this week
Well, some of these frames are going on
the same wall.
My walls need to be decorated. . . .
Oh, let me tell you
I have been a slacker
and things have not been done around here
So............. I have got to get with it
Stop bouncing from one project to another
Just focus!
I feel like I have ADHD.
(I blame my grandchildren's ADHD onto their Grandpa Lloyd)
Hmmm! could they get some from me?
No, I am a slacker. . . way too easy going.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

CHAMPIONS-10 Year Old Girls Softball

What a night. . . . A triple header. . . . and the Championship!
My 10 year old granddaughters, Emma and Brissa's softball team is the
Tooele County 10 Year Old Champions.
Mat and Blake are the coaches, with their friend Jed.These girls are awesome.
It was a hard fought 3 games.
The little girl on the left is Payton
(don't know her last name)
She hasn't hit the ball all season
She was up to bat with 2 outs
She hit the ball
brought 2 runners in
We won the game!
Brissa is on the right

She is cheering!

This is Emma
I cut Jared out of the picture
He is the cutest little guy
He is at every game
and loves to cheer the team
His is kind of the mascot.

This is the team
Proudly showing off their
Champion Trophy
Mat is in the center
(he is head coach)
to his left is Blake
and on the right
is Jed.
(Mat couldn't have done it without these two guys help)
They are great coaches.
So patient and gentle
with little 10 year old girls.
I will never sleep tonight I am wound so tight. At the end I had to get up from my seat and pace. . . . I couldn't sit still. . . . The game was so close and there was 2 outs. . . . .
My heart was racing and I had a jittery stomach. . . . ya know the feeling.
But by golly the little girls pulled it off. . . .

Getting To Know Karie

I have been so busy these past few days.
It is Girls Softball Season, Tournament Time!
I have 2 granddaughters that are on the same team
Playing for the Championship!
So my evenings are spent at the ball park. . . . Ya just gotta love it!
And. . . . .
I during the day I have been working on "things"
I showed you my black shelf
Well. . . . .
I need to decorate the wall that it is on.
So. . . . .
I am busy getting things ready for the decorate.
Plus. . . . .
I have been working on 4th of July things.
Someone recently ask me some question
Just general things about ME
I thought you might like to know some of my answers. . . .
What are some of your favorite childhood memories?
I have lots of them.
Even though my childhood was difficult because
I didn't have a mother. . . . I had a happy secure childhood
I was surrounded with people that loved me
Good people
My maternal grandmother, Grandma Dot
was a saint. I lived with her and she was so calm and easy going.
She truly loved me.
My paternal grandparents, Granny and Papa
were wonderful and loving to me also.
I spent a lot of time with them.
I lived next door to my maternal great-grandpa, Trum
He was so fun and easy going.
I was surrounded with lots of uncle and aunts who were protective of me
Always a house and backyard full of cousins.
My growing up years were fun!
What situations or things defined you as a woman?
Again lots of things made me who I am today.
Of course the many loses I have experienced
starting at a very young age.
My strong values come from my wonderful family
I chose good friends, who have been lifetime friends
and they are good people with good values.
My religion and my strong Faith in a Living God
and His Son Jesus Christ
have most definately defined me.
All of my experiences and my great up-bringing
and being surrounded with good expamples
have helped to define who I am
What is your biggest regret?
I regret that I never completed my education when I was young!
I wanted to be a school teacher.
I have always regreted that I never reached that goal. . .
I think life is full of regrets. .
As I age and get older, I see many things I wish I had done
or maybe done differently.
But you just do your best at the time
and you move on in life.
You can't live your life over. . .
and you can't erase time.
Just keep moving forward!
What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment?
My children.
I raised 4 children. I taught them about the
Savior Jesus Christ
I taught them to pray and to always have Him in their life.
I have loved my children with all my heart.
I have lived my life through them.
I don't regret that I always put them first in my life.
I never wanted a career or to be away from them
I wanted to be where they were.
I wanted to be home with them.
What is your advise to others especially your family?
Keep the Commandments of God
10 simple rules to live by. It isn't hard
and it makes life so much easier.
Pray always
Love who you are
Be Nice
I have had a lot of trials in my life. . . . But believe it or not it has been my trials that have made me stronger and made me the person I am. I wouldn't trade my life for anything or anyone. . . . .It is the life given to me and I will embrace it. . . . . .
I hope you have
enjoyed getting to know me.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


It really is Summer.
The weather is beautiful here in Utah.
The sun is shining and it is not too hot. . .
I am loving it right now.
I won't like it in a few weeks as the temperature climbs and it becomes toooooo hot!
Aw, but the joys of SUMMER! I am busy as can be.
My hand is feeling much better.
Each day is an improvement.
I still can't do my delicate handwork,
but I can do other things I like to do.
I have told you I would show some of my completed projects.
Well. . . . here they are (just a few)
You see my shelf?
Well, it hasn't always looked like that. . .
it use to be red.
I loved my red shelf,
but along with the hearts, red isn't the "in" color any more.
Soooooo me and the spray paint hit the shelf.
Oh, I almost forgot.
I hung it a few months ago in my living room
and just a few weeks ago when it was really windy I went out my front door
when I came in the door, the wind slammed the door shut
and the Red Shelf went flying off the wall. . . .!
Ya, it did!
Everything on the shelf went flying. . .
and somethings landed on the floor in pieces. I
was so upset,
I went to my bedroom to lay down.
Ya, I couldn't handle it at the time. . . .
but as with all things
at some point you have to clean up the mess and move on!
So....... I painted the shelf and re-arranged it.
Oh, I forgot to say one thing. . .
I didn't have it ancohored in a "stud"!
Maybe why it fell off the wall. . . . .
Thank goodness for my son Blake,
he anchored it to a "stud" and it is sturdy
I like my shelf
This is a completed project. . .
Dollar Store and DI, Spray Paint, and Gorilla Glue!
The bird is from Dollar Store and spray painted. . . .
pedestal is DI (junk/treasure) and spray paint and Gorilla Glue. . .
Ya, it is two DI plates for 50 cents each,
and a candle stick,
and a cheese doom (that fancy word that starts with a "c".).
The blue jug is from DI and spray painted.
The pitcher and plate are DI and spray painted
and the blue glass under the pitcher is dollar store. . . .
I tell ya, you can do anything with spray paint and gorilla glue.

Well, today's trip to DI was good. These are a few of the things I got.
(Not the micro-wave or the Micky D cup)
I love "milk glass" I collect it. . . .
I get it from DI. . .
I liked my treasure I found today.
I also collect salt and pepper shakers.
Another treasure.
The glass pieces I got so I could try a new DIY project.
I will show you the results once it is finished.
Just remember the clear glass and how it looks in this picture.
It won't look this way when I am done with it. . . . .
These are just my ramblings and my show and tell.
If you can stand it I will have more
in the next few days.
I tell ya, I have a cute 4th of July project.
I constantly have the urge to create. . . .
I love going to thrift stores
and out of the way places
I think it is the thrill of the hunt!
Just my Daley Life.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Dad My Hero

This is my Dad.
Leo Lynn Daley
My Dad was born in December 1926 he would be 83.
He was born under humble circumstances in the little farming town of Driggs, Idaho.
His parents are Jean and Harriett Daley
He is the 5th of 9 children. He has 5 brothers and 3 sisters.
He grew up during the Great Depression. Times were hard and he learned at an early age the value if hard work. . . . . . .My Dad was a hard worker he was never idle. . . .
When he was a young man World War II was raging. He proudlly joined the US Navy. He was very proud to be a Veteran and proud to be an American.Soon after the War he came back home and married my mother, Bonnie
and not long after I was born.
My Dad was a Good Dad.
He always told me how happy he was to be a Dad and proud to be my Dad.
I was his firstborn and his daughter and he was very protective of me.
He affectionately called me Babe, his sweetheart.
When my Dad was 29 years old he and my mother were in a terrible auto accident. It took my mother's life and left my Dad paralyzed.
He lived the rest of his life in a wheelchair.
My Dad was so brave!
He picked his life up, and put it back together, the best he could.
He became a successful businessman and provided very well for his family.
The most important thing in my Dad's life was his family.
He loved each one of us with devotion.
I love this picture. . . . it was taken just before he died.
My son Mathew is lovingly knelt by my Dad's side, Can you see the little head peeking over Grandpa's shoulder? That is my first grandchild, Joel.

My Dad was fun. . . . here he is with Joel riding on the back of his wheelchair.
So tender

Sweetly nestled in the comfort of my Dad's big strong arms.
Security. . . . was my Dad.
Nothing could harm or hurt you.
I always wanted him with me,
I felt so protected and secure.
As with all of them who have gone on, I MISS HIM!
Proably the most. . . .
he was my only parent for over 40 years.. . . . . .
I am who I am today because of him.
He gave me strength, courage, Faith in God
and most of all Love.
My Dad walks and runs and is whole again. . . .
he has no limitations placed upon him.
The last time I saw him. . . I told him how much I loved him
and how thankful I was to be his daughter.
I told him what a good Dad he was. . .
We cried,
just as we always did when we parted, but this time it was different.
I believe our Spirits knew it would be the last in this life.
I will never forget his last words to me. . . . .
"You are my sweetheart, you always have been. I have loved you forever."
Dad you are mine Forever. . . .


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pedicure And Ballgame

This is my adorable, bubbly, BAYLI.
She is so much fun. . . . . . she and I went for a pedicure!
Oh, so nice! In more ways than imagined. . . . . I love being with Bayli. I love pedicures. . . . This is Bayli after the pedicure. She went bright orange. She said it made her tan show up more. . . . Huh?
I went blue.
Ya, me the brightest and boldest I go is red.
Maybe it was being with my 16 year old granddaughter or hanging out with Gina my daughter-in-law (she always has unusual colored nails). . . . .
I don't know but I stepped out of the box for me!
(You don't get to see my toes. . . . . .no. . . . I'm not showing them)
That night was the 1st. game of the County Girls Softball Tournament. . . . .
This is my BRISSA!
She is so cute as the catcher.............she is small, but she is good.
She made the All Stars!

Oh boy, this is my Lefty, EMMA. . . .
She is a power hitter. . . . honestly, when she hits it goes a long ways. . . . .
By the way I am left handed and two of my grandkids are.
Emma and her brother Jared. . . .
Both me and Lloyd are lefties.
believe it or not so is my 2nd husband Jim. . . .
Go figure how both of my husbands would be left handed and me also!

If you wanted to see my hand after 2 weeks and the stitches out. . . .
Well, here it is.
It looks good compared to how it has looked.
I still can't do a lot and I still have to wear my brace,
but it is healing and getting stronger. . . . . . .
I am so thankful for 2 hands!

This is just the latest in my Daley life. . . . .More will be coming.
I promised you pictures of things I have been able to do with only 1 hand. . . .
it is Father's Day this week-end and

I want to tell you about my Dad.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More of My Daley Life

This is the foothills of my town.
In June the hills are green and beautiful
By the end of July they are brown. . .
I live on the edge of the Great Salt Lake Desert
It is a beautiful place to live
This isn't my picture. I got it from KSL Picture Line. Someone from my town submitted itLots of things are going on this week.
This little cutie is in Riding Club
And she will compete in competition
This weekend.

Can you believe she barrel races!
She is a good little horse-gal
She is learning how to ride and does a great job!
Besides I think she is Cute.
I don't have a picture of my other little girls,
Emma and Brissa
They are in a softball tournament.
Wow, their team is good, and they are good
Emma is 1st base
Brissa is catcher
They both made the County All-Star Team
They are cuties also.
I will have pictures of them later. They play tomorrow night
I have got to get the camera out and take pictures
Jared and I went to DI today.
(He is my grandson and he loves DI)
I found treasures!
I mean real treasures.
I promise I will have pictures of them.
Also I worked on my 4th of July projects.
Oh, cute.
But you can't see them until it is closer to the 4th.
My hand is doing good.
I see the Doctor tomorrow.
Everyday I see and feel a difference.
I am always amazed at the great healing power
of our bodies.
We are in His Image
And He heals our bodies when they are broken
And He heals our souls when they need mending.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Is It June already?
Where I live you would have never know that it is.Yesterday I wanted to turn on the furnace!
But I didn't. It was against my principles. . . .
I like JUNE.
Summer is here
(well, normally it is)
Some of the things I like about June are. . . .
Summer nights
( speaking of which have you looked at the MOON and Venus)
Not too hot (yet)
School is out and I hear childrens laughter
We honor our Father's
I will have a post this week about mine
(I miss him so much)
I get to wear sandles for 3 months
I eat my breakfast on my cute patio
( I am still upset someone stole my obelisk)
My Temple anniversary is in June!
(Ya, I get to have two wedding anniversaries)
There is a lot more I could write about but
suffice it to say
I like June
Keep in mind I am still one handed.
Oh, have I ever the projects planned. . . . .
I have been to DI and I couldn't wait I had to buy stuff.
I have a cute 4th of July project ready to begin when I can work with both hands.
And my Aunt gave me the cutest table. Wooooo I can't wait.
Remember to keep HIM at the center of your life

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Today is the Sabbath
Beautiful day of prayerA thought for today
Their marriage was good. Their dreams were focused.
Their best friends lived barely a wave away.
I can see them now.
Dad in his trouser, tee shirt and hat.
Mom in a housedress.
Lawnmower in one hand dishtowel in another.
It was a time of fixing things.
A curtain rod
The kitchen radio
The screen door
The oven door
The hem in a dress
Things we keep
It was a way of life.
Sometime it made me crazy. All that re-fixing, eating, renewing. . .
I just wanted once to be wasteful.
Waste meant affluence.
Throwing things away meant you knew there would always be more.
But then my mother died.
On that clear summer's night, in the warmth of the hospital room,
I was struck with pain of learning that
sometimes there isn't any more.
Sometimes, what we care about most gets all used up and goes away. . . .
Never to return. . . .
So. . .
While we have it. . . .
It is best we LOVE it. . .
And CARE for it. . .
And Fix it when it is broken. . . .
And HEAL it when it is sick. . . .
This is true for. . .
And old cars
And children with bad report cards
Dogs and cats with bad hips
We keep them because they are worth it
And because we are worth it.
Some things we keep......
Like a best friend that moved away
Or a classmate we grew up with.
There are just somethings that make life important,
Like people we know who are special. . . . .
And so we keep them close!
Stay close to those you love and take care of them.
Life passes all too fast.
Sometimes there is no more.
We take the good and the bad,
And cherish the moment we have.
I didn't author this I don't know who did. It was sent to me by my son in an e-mail,
but it speaks my feelings.
Have a beautiful Sabbath
And allow the Savior, Jesue Christ, into you life,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Odds & Ends (mostly odds)

I want to have this table. I found it at It is was just an old table that needed to have new life back into it.
I have one similar, I may do like this. I thought I would show you some of my "stuff" I did before I became one-handed. Nothing fancy just some odds and ends. . . . . . like I said mostly "odds". It keeps me happy just to be able to post something. Maybe I am accomplishing something?I made this for my husband's grave.

This a chair I finished a few days before my surgery. I don't like pots in the hole, soooooo
I painted a cabnet door I got at DI. I like the plants sitting on it.

Notice the little textured pot on the left. I took a terra cota pot and hot glued twine around it. I like the textured look for the little succulent plant to be in.

This is what the chair looked like before I gave it new life. This chair is actually a "road kill"
Ya, I found it on the roadside. A neighbor sit it out for the trash.

I was nice and ask if I could have it. My neighbor said "what do you want with that
old ugly thing."
Hummmmm. . . . . just wait and see.
Giving road kill new life is the best.
I love my chair!
Well, I am just bidding my time. . . . once the hand is healed I will be doing my projects.
In the mean time, I will keep complaining about my situation.
Thank the Lord I can still complain!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

OK- I Have Had Enough

I know this is only for a short time, but I really want the use of both my hands! There are things I need to be doing. . . . . . I miss my painting projects and my handwork. I search the internet for more ideas and it just makes me anxious to get creating. I also miss blogging! I want to show you my "stuff" . I hope you will keep checking my blog because each day I start to figure out how I can do something.
I have this picture saved on my computer. I wanted to share it with you because it is such a beautiful shot of the Great Salt Lake. It is such a peaceful scene. Notice the little touch of red. Mother Nature knows how to decorate! Always add a touch of red, it is a statement color. It gives vibrance to any space.
Well, I will try to be patient, let the healing process take care of my hand.
Is't amazing how we are able to heal? I am so thankful for a healthy body. . . . .
and for God's power to heal.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Little Bump In The Road

Just a little slow-down in my Daley life. I had corpal tunnel surgery on my right hand.
Sooooooo, I have been slowed down for a few weeks. . . .
I will be back to blogging and crafting, and doing all the things I love to do after the hand heals.
It is hard with just one hand. . . . I am counting my blessings that this is only temporary.
So thankful for two hands
Thankful for my creative abilities that my hands give me.
I will be back to blogging and I will have lots to catch up on. I have lots to share with you!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A New Chapter In Life

There are somethings in life we wish we could go back in time and do again. One of those things for me would be to re-live my journey with my grandson Joel.
He has been such a wonderful grandchild. . . I have loved my journey in life with him.
From the moment he entered this world he has brought me joy and happiness. The 3 years he lived with me were the happiest and most joyful of times. Watching him grow to the youngman he is today has been an amazing journey. I look forward to the future with him and watching his life unfold. . . .
This is the eve of his High School Graduation.
Tomorrow will mark a new day and a new chapter in his life and mine as well. . . . .
He told me tonight he didn't want to "grow up". I told him that is natural to feel that way. . . . There are times in our lives when we just want to stay in the comfort of our childhood. .
The grown-up world can seem scary to us. There are times I want to go back to the safety and comfort of my Grandmother's house, and just have her hold me and tell me it will all be ok.
But onward we must go! Into the unknown of life. New beginnings, new surrounding, new friends, new experiences. All this to give us experience and to teach us. . . . . and to bring us Joy.

I miss the "little boy", but I look with faith and hope at the future with my grown-up Grandson. The future is yours Joel, and I am so grateful the Good Lord has allowed me to be here with you. Thank you for giving me a wonderful experience in watching you grow! To be your Grandma is a blessing beyond words.
I thought I loved you 18 years ago. . . . but I love you more today.
Remember you are mine FOREVER.


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