Thursday, June 24, 2010

CHAMPIONS-10 Year Old Girls Softball

What a night. . . . A triple header. . . . and the Championship!
My 10 year old granddaughters, Emma and Brissa's softball team is the
Tooele County 10 Year Old Champions.
Mat and Blake are the coaches, with their friend Jed.These girls are awesome.
It was a hard fought 3 games.
The little girl on the left is Payton
(don't know her last name)
She hasn't hit the ball all season
She was up to bat with 2 outs
She hit the ball
brought 2 runners in
We won the game!
Brissa is on the right

She is cheering!

This is Emma
I cut Jared out of the picture
He is the cutest little guy
He is at every game
and loves to cheer the team
His is kind of the mascot.

This is the team
Proudly showing off their
Champion Trophy
Mat is in the center
(he is head coach)
to his left is Blake
and on the right
is Jed.
(Mat couldn't have done it without these two guys help)
They are great coaches.
So patient and gentle
with little 10 year old girls.
I will never sleep tonight I am wound so tight. At the end I had to get up from my seat and pace. . . . I couldn't sit still. . . . The game was so close and there was 2 outs. . . . .
My heart was racing and I had a jittery stomach. . . . ya know the feeling.
But by golly the little girls pulled it off. . . .

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