Monday, June 14, 2010


Is It June already?
Where I live you would have never know that it is.Yesterday I wanted to turn on the furnace!
But I didn't. It was against my principles. . . .
I like JUNE.
Summer is here
(well, normally it is)
Some of the things I like about June are. . . .
Summer nights
( speaking of which have you looked at the MOON and Venus)
Not too hot (yet)
School is out and I hear childrens laughter
We honor our Father's
I will have a post this week about mine
(I miss him so much)
I get to wear sandles for 3 months
I eat my breakfast on my cute patio
( I am still upset someone stole my obelisk)
My Temple anniversary is in June!
(Ya, I get to have two wedding anniversaries)
There is a lot more I could write about but
suffice it to say
I like June
Keep in mind I am still one handed.
Oh, have I ever the projects planned. . . . .
I have been to DI and I couldn't wait I had to buy stuff.
I have a cute 4th of July project ready to begin when I can work with both hands.
And my Aunt gave me the cutest table. Wooooo I can't wait.
Remember to keep HIM at the center of your life

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