Tuesday, June 22, 2010


It really is Summer.
The weather is beautiful here in Utah.
The sun is shining and it is not too hot. . .
I am loving it right now.
I won't like it in a few weeks as the temperature climbs and it becomes toooooo hot!
Aw, but the joys of SUMMER! I am busy as can be.
My hand is feeling much better.
Each day is an improvement.
I still can't do my delicate handwork,
but I can do other things I like to do.
I have told you I would show some of my completed projects.
Well. . . . here they are (just a few)
You see my shelf?
Well, it hasn't always looked like that. . .
it use to be red.
I loved my red shelf,
but along with the hearts, red isn't the "in" color any more.
Soooooo me and the spray paint hit the shelf.
Oh, I almost forgot.
I hung it a few months ago in my living room
and just a few weeks ago when it was really windy I went out my front door
when I came in the door, the wind slammed the door shut
and the Red Shelf went flying off the wall. . . .!
Ya, it did!
Everything on the shelf went flying. . .
and somethings landed on the floor in pieces. I
was so upset,
I went to my bedroom to lay down.
Ya, I couldn't handle it at the time. . . .
but as with all things
at some point you have to clean up the mess and move on!
So....... I painted the shelf and re-arranged it.
Oh, I forgot to say one thing. . .
I didn't have it ancohored in a "stud"!
Maybe why it fell off the wall. . . . .
Thank goodness for my son Blake,
he anchored it to a "stud" and it is sturdy
I like my shelf
This is a completed project. . .
Dollar Store and DI, Spray Paint, and Gorilla Glue!
The bird is from Dollar Store and spray painted. . . .
pedestal is DI (junk/treasure) and spray paint and Gorilla Glue. . .
Ya, it is two DI plates for 50 cents each,
and a candle stick,
and a cheese doom (that fancy word that starts with a "c".).
The blue jug is from DI and spray painted.
The pitcher and plate are DI and spray painted
and the blue glass under the pitcher is dollar store. . . .
I tell ya, you can do anything with spray paint and gorilla glue.

Well, today's trip to DI was good. These are a few of the things I got.
(Not the micro-wave or the Micky D cup)
I love "milk glass" I collect it. . . .
I get it from DI. . .
I liked my treasure I found today.
I also collect salt and pepper shakers.
Another treasure.
The glass pieces I got so I could try a new DIY project.
I will show you the results once it is finished.
Just remember the clear glass and how it looks in this picture.
It won't look this way when I am done with it. . . . .
These are just my ramblings and my show and tell.
If you can stand it I will have more
in the next few days.
I tell ya, I have a cute 4th of July project.
I constantly have the urge to create. . . .
I love going to thrift stores
and out of the way places
I think it is the thrill of the hunt!
Just my Daley Life.

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