Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lollies and Granddaughters

It was a Lollie day for me and the granddaughters,
MayaThese are just a few of the lollies they made.
I showed them how to make them
then. . .
I turned them loose.
They loved it!
My little girls love to get into
Scrapbooking "stuff"
All the paper
All the emblishments

Brissa is showing one of her lollies.
They each made at least 2
the older girls made more
and Emma was thinking
of Bayli
and made her one
(so sweet)

The older girls were good to help the two younger ones
of course Grandma helped Maya
make her lollie.
Zada wanted to make her own!

Oh, my goodness, my house was a mess!
But that is ok,
The mess was soon cleaned up
Memories last forever!
We had goodies to eat and drink
We laughed a lot!
I got such a kick out of each one of them!

My 4th of July lollies

Sara being creative making her lollie
(notice the chocolate? They are just like their Grandma)
(Gotta have the chocolate while creating)
Oh, they do like Diet Coke too!

There is my Emma trying to decide on which
paper to make her lollie
Brissa is helping Maya while Zada looks on.
It was a fun day for me and my girls
I love each one of them
Their little personalities are precious
I must say though. . . . .
I prayed the night before
that I would be
and remember what it is
like to be a little girl. . .
My sweet little girls
Always Remember Me!

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