Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More of My Daley Life

This is the foothills of my town.
In June the hills are green and beautiful
By the end of July they are brown. . .
I live on the edge of the Great Salt Lake Desert
It is a beautiful place to live
This isn't my picture. I got it from KSL Picture Line. Someone from my town submitted itLots of things are going on this week.
This little cutie is in Riding Club
And she will compete in competition
This weekend.

Can you believe she barrel races!
She is a good little horse-gal
She is learning how to ride and does a great job!
Besides I think she is Cute.
I don't have a picture of my other little girls,
Emma and Brissa
They are in a softball tournament.
Wow, their team is good, and they are good
Emma is 1st base
Brissa is catcher
They both made the County All-Star Team
They are cuties also.
I will have pictures of them later. They play tomorrow night
I have got to get the camera out and take pictures
Jared and I went to DI today.
(He is my grandson and he loves DI)
I found treasures!
I mean real treasures.
I promise I will have pictures of them.
Also I worked on my 4th of July projects.
Oh, cute.
But you can't see them until it is closer to the 4th.
My hand is doing good.
I see the Doctor tomorrow.
Everyday I see and feel a difference.
I am always amazed at the great healing power
of our bodies.
We are in His Image
And He heals our bodies when they are broken
And He heals our souls when they need mending.

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