Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Dad My Hero

This is my Dad.
Leo Lynn Daley
My Dad was born in December 1926 he would be 83.
He was born under humble circumstances in the little farming town of Driggs, Idaho.
His parents are Jean and Harriett Daley
He is the 5th of 9 children. He has 5 brothers and 3 sisters.
He grew up during the Great Depression. Times were hard and he learned at an early age the value if hard work. . . . . . .My Dad was a hard worker he was never idle. . . .
When he was a young man World War II was raging. He proudlly joined the US Navy. He was very proud to be a Veteran and proud to be an American.Soon after the War he came back home and married my mother, Bonnie
and not long after I was born.
My Dad was a Good Dad.
He always told me how happy he was to be a Dad and proud to be my Dad.
I was his firstborn and his daughter and he was very protective of me.
He affectionately called me Babe, his sweetheart.
When my Dad was 29 years old he and my mother were in a terrible auto accident. It took my mother's life and left my Dad paralyzed.
He lived the rest of his life in a wheelchair.
My Dad was so brave!
He picked his life up, and put it back together, the best he could.
He became a successful businessman and provided very well for his family.
The most important thing in my Dad's life was his family.
He loved each one of us with devotion.
I love this picture. . . . it was taken just before he died.
My son Mathew is lovingly knelt by my Dad's side, Can you see the little head peeking over Grandpa's shoulder? That is my first grandchild, Joel.

My Dad was fun. . . . here he is with Joel riding on the back of his wheelchair.
So tender

Sweetly nestled in the comfort of my Dad's big strong arms.
Security. . . . was my Dad.
Nothing could harm or hurt you.
I always wanted him with me,
I felt so protected and secure.
As with all of them who have gone on, I MISS HIM!
Proably the most. . . .
he was my only parent for over 40 years.. . . . . .
I am who I am today because of him.
He gave me strength, courage, Faith in God
and most of all Love.
My Dad walks and runs and is whole again. . . .
he has no limitations placed upon him.
The last time I saw him. . . I told him how much I loved him
and how thankful I was to be his daughter.
I told him what a good Dad he was. . .
We cried,
just as we always did when we parted, but this time it was different.
I believe our Spirits knew it would be the last in this life.
I will never forget his last words to me. . . . .
"You are my sweetheart, you always have been. I have loved you forever."
Dad you are mine Forever. . . .

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Lisa said...

What an awesome tribute. Your dad sounded like a great man!


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