Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A New Chapter In Life

There are somethings in life we wish we could go back in time and do again. One of those things for me would be to re-live my journey with my grandson Joel.
He has been such a wonderful grandchild. . . I have loved my journey in life with him.
From the moment he entered this world he has brought me joy and happiness. The 3 years he lived with me were the happiest and most joyful of times. Watching him grow to the youngman he is today has been an amazing journey. I look forward to the future with him and watching his life unfold. . . .
This is the eve of his High School Graduation.
Tomorrow will mark a new day and a new chapter in his life and mine as well. . . . .
He told me tonight he didn't want to "grow up". I told him that is natural to feel that way. . . . There are times in our lives when we just want to stay in the comfort of our childhood. .
The grown-up world can seem scary to us. There are times I want to go back to the safety and comfort of my Grandmother's house, and just have her hold me and tell me it will all be ok.
But onward we must go! Into the unknown of life. New beginnings, new surrounding, new friends, new experiences. All this to give us experience and to teach us. . . . . and to bring us Joy.

I miss the "little boy", but I look with faith and hope at the future with my grown-up Grandson. The future is yours Joel, and I am so grateful the Good Lord has allowed me to be here with you. Thank you for giving me a wonderful experience in watching you grow! To be your Grandma is a blessing beyond words.
I thought I loved you 18 years ago. . . . but I love you more today.
Remember you are mine FOREVER.

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Anngie said...

I remember when Joel was just a baby ( I was only six).
He is a stud!


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