Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh, Good-Grief!

Oh Good-Grief What Was I Thinking?
I have 5 darling little Granddaughter's
coming to my house tomorrow!
I had a weak moment
and wanted to make great
memories with
my Granddaughters. . . .
So. . .
I said why not do crafts with them?
They are creative little souls
I love to do crafts
and I am somewhat
creative. . .
So. . .
Have the little darlin's
come to Grandma's
and have a craft day.
They love to play in my craft (crap) room
My scrapbooking "stuff" is always
their favorite.
So. . .
We are making
Yes, I said Lollies. . .
Not lolliepops!
I will have pictures to show you on Tuesday night
(if I am functioning or still alive or don't have a migraine)
Really, I am excited to have them with me.
I want to be with them and
I want them to always remember me
and to know that I think the
world of them. . . . . .
I love to see their creativity
I like to think they get some of that from
me, their Grandma,
I get mine from my
So wish me luck,
I will report back to you after we
have made our Lollies.

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