Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pedicure And Ballgame

This is my adorable, bubbly, BAYLI.
She is so much fun. . . . . . she and I went for a pedicure!
Oh, so nice! In more ways than imagined. . . . . I love being with Bayli. I love pedicures. . . . This is Bayli after the pedicure. She went bright orange. She said it made her tan show up more. . . . Huh?
I went blue.
Ya, me the brightest and boldest I go is red.
Maybe it was being with my 16 year old granddaughter or hanging out with Gina my daughter-in-law (she always has unusual colored nails). . . . .
I don't know but I stepped out of the box for me!
(You don't get to see my toes. . . . . .no. . . . I'm not showing them)
That night was the 1st. game of the County Girls Softball Tournament. . . . .
This is my BRISSA!
She is so cute as the catcher.............she is small, but she is good.
She made the All Stars!

Oh boy, this is my Lefty, EMMA. . . .
She is a power hitter. . . . honestly, when she hits it goes a long ways. . . . .
By the way I am left handed and two of my grandkids are.
Emma and her brother Jared. . . .
Both me and Lloyd are lefties.
believe it or not so is my 2nd husband Jim. . . .
Go figure how both of my husbands would be left handed and me also!

If you wanted to see my hand after 2 weeks and the stitches out. . . .
Well, here it is.
It looks good compared to how it has looked.
I still can't do a lot and I still have to wear my brace,
but it is healing and getting stronger. . . . . . .
I am so thankful for 2 hands!

This is just the latest in my Daley life. . . . .More will be coming.
I promised you pictures of things I have been able to do with only 1 hand. . . .
it is Father's Day this week-end and

I want to tell you about my Dad.

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