Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Is Here- - Tooele Arts Festival

A sure sign that summer is here is
TheThe last weekend in June
Just before 4th of July
Today was a beautiful summer day to have
The Festival.
Lots of vendors
and good music. . . .
I like to just stroll through
and see all the artistic work
Mostly I like to see the people
A lot of the old-time Tooele people
and a lot of new faces.
I just bought me two
bracelet watch bands.
One black
The other red, white and blue
Just in time for the 4th celebration.

Like I said there were lots of vendors.
But one of the fun things is the FOOD!
Mat and Jared and Jared's friend Canyon
are enjoying the shade
and the good food.
Me and Mat had the Philly Steak Sandwich
Mmmmmmm! GOOD!

Oh, good grief I lost Melanie and Emma's picture!
I am still new to this blogspot blogging
and sometimes I lose things.
There isn't a back button.
Or an undo button
And I really need one.
Well, anyway, it was fun at the Arts Festival 2010
Now how did this picture get here?????
Oh, the wonders and mysteries
of blogging!
This is my day Friday
I spray painted frames
and other things
It was a 100 in Mark's garage!
I was sweating like an old pig!
This was just the priming stage
Then I sprayed black and aqua
Remember the shelf I hung this week
Well, some of these frames are going on
the same wall.
My walls need to be decorated. . . .
Oh, let me tell you
I have been a slacker
and things have not been done around here
So............. I have got to get with it
Stop bouncing from one project to another
Just focus!
I feel like I have ADHD.
(I blame my grandchildren's ADHD onto their Grandpa Lloyd)
Hmmm! could they get some from me?
No, I am a slacker. . . way too easy going.

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