Friday, July 30, 2010

Ballgames & More Ballgames

It seems like all I have done this summer is go to softball games.
Really it does!
All-Stars have been 3 games each week. . . . .
It is hot and muggy and very hard to be at the games. . . . .
But the reason I am there out weighs any discomfort.
2 of my little darlins' are playing
And Grandma needs to be there.
If you could see what my house looks like right now,
Oh, my goodness! You'd say "stay home"!Reason for my Summer of Softball
And this one too!

But I did have time this week to get in a project.
(proably why my house is a mess)
I rescued a beautiful doily.
Ya, I found it on the ground at the re-cycle bin. . . .
It was in bad shape. . . . . I brought it home
soaked it in Oxy-Clean
(it would make a good commercial for Oxy-Clean)
Fixed up some damage to it.

Sewed a pillow and put it on top of the pillow.
It is now part of the pillow collection on my bed. . .
Matches the blue in my bedroom just perfect.
I could have never left it there on the ground.
I am a crocheter and I knew
someone had spent time and
loving care to create such a beautiful
Work of Art
How could I not rescue it?
That is the problem with me with life in general . . . . .
Ya, I am a rescuer
I just hate to see things (and people) broken and in need of repair!
I want to bring them home and make them
beautiful again.

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