Friday, July 2, 2010


I hope you don't mind
I am going to show you
my home
decorated for
one of my favorite holidays
JULY 4th!
Well, Here It Is
I love July. . . . You know why?
Two of my favorite celebrations are in July
The first is of course

The 4th of July
and the second is
The 24th of July. . .

If you live in Utah you get to celebrate both holidays
But really. . . .
The 4th is the best
No pressures
Just pleasure!

Just good summer FUN!
Most important celebrating this great country
The United States of America
No where else compares to it. . . .

I like to decorate for the 4th
(In my younger years, with my children I decorated for every holiday)
Now I am selective
This picture shows a creation of mine. . .
2 plate stands
for the cupcakes!

My patriotic lollies are
part of the
centerpiece on my dining table
It makes a cute 4th of July vinette
and quite festive looking. . . .

Sweet land of Liberty
We the people
good reminder of the blessings
I have living in this great

Some of my decorations
have cherished memories
These plates were given to me by my
Friend Judi
Judi is my friend in Cedar City
While living there I became acquainted with Judi
We were kindred spirits
I looked all over for patriotic plates
(I love plates and decorate a lot with them)
Judi found these plates while
on vacation in California
she thought of me and brought them home to me.
(so sweet of her)

My front door
Greets you with a Star
(ya, I live in an apartment)

I pray that
God with continue to
Bless the USA!
Heaven only knows how much we need it!

Of course the outside needs to speak of the

I will be celebrating on Saturday
(since the 4th is a Sunday)
Sunday is always devoted to God!
I will go to the parade in the morning
3 of my granddaughters
and 1 grandson
will be riding in the parade. . .
A family/friends barbaque will be later in the day
at Jim and Sharon's
The evening will be capped off with
There is nothing like it in the world
Just good ole' hometown
For the greatest country in the world
May God be ever with the

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Anngie said...

Super cute decorations! i love to decorate for holidays too:)


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