Sunday, July 11, 2010

Daley Reunion 2010

My Daley Reunion was held on
Saturday, July 10, 2010
We try to hold it close to the 10th of July
that is
Papa Daley's Birthday
this year he would have been
111 years old.
Oh, how I miss my
Granny and Papa Daley
Harriet (Hattie) and Jessie Jean Daley
they are my Dad's, parents.
My Dad is Leo
My grandparents had 9 children
Eva Margaret
LeRoy Jean
Arthur Chad
Jessie Ada
Leo Lynn (my Dad)
Orin Daniels
Thomas Graham
Madelene Emma
David GeraldThere are 38 Cousins
We are the children of the 9
The grandchildren of Jean and Hattie's
This year at the reunion there were 13 of us present
There are only 2 of my grandparent's children left
Madelene and Jessie

Cora, Madelene, and Pete

Aunt Margaret Daley
she is my Uncle Orin's wife
She is a sweet lady. A good soul
My dear sweet Aunt Bernadine Daley
she is my Uncle Tom's wife
she too is a sweet soul.
Jeniel, my cousin is in the blue top in the backgroud.
Aunt Jessie
is 85 years old
she lives in Cody, Wyoming
She always been so sweet and kind.
A very gentle soul.
My brother Alan
visiting with the cousins
He didn't make it in time for the cousin picture.
Dan and Tana Daley
Dan is my Uncle Orin and Aunt Margaret's son
he is my 1st cousin.
And here is Tommy Daley
(yes, I still call him Tommy)
He is a sweetie.
He is my Uncle Tom and Bernadine's son
I use to baby-sit Tommy and his siblings.
This is my cousin Scott and his wife Jeannie
and their family
Scott belongs to my Aunt Madelene and Uncle Pete Wilson
And there is Butch
I haven't seen Butch for 40 years!
He hasn't changed much.
He has a cattle ranch in Nebraska
Butch (LeRoy) White
is my Aunt Jessie and Uncle Mort White's son

This is Jane Ann and her husband Steve Draper
Jane Ann is
Aunt Madelene and Uncle Pete's daughter
she was in charge of the reunion
she did a great job.
It is a lot of work to get all of us together
and keep us HAPPY!
Jane is a happy good person

This is Roger Daley
he is my Uncle Tom and Aunt Bernadine's son
He lives in Heber, Utah
This is Eilene Dokken
she is my Aunt Eva and Uncle Ted Estes' daughter
she is one of the twins
her sister twin is Elaine
Elaine died a few years ago
In fact Eilene is the oldest living cousin now
She lost both her sisters, Elaine, Shirley Ann and her brother Bud.
Julie my sister-in-law
visiting with Aunt Bernadine and
Aunt Jessie.
The old generation has left us.
I miss them so much
My Papa and Granny
and my Aunts and Uncles
were good people.
I loved them very much. . . . . . .
We have lost 4 cousins,
Shirley Ann, Bud, Elaine, Lorene
All of my Uncles are gone
Roy, Art, Orin, Tom, Dave and of course
my Dad, Leo
The remaining cousins are:
Eilene ( Eva')
Deanna, Jill (Uncle Art)
Linda, Butch (LeRoy), Loretta (Jessie)
Karie Lyne, Alan (Leo)
Michael, Kathlene, Dan, Sheryl, Gordon, Art, Margie, Jeniel, Angie, Aaron (Orin)
Jeannie, Jerry, Jenny, Tommy, Roger, LaRoy (Tom)
Scott, Jane Ann, Cora, Karen (Madelene)
Dean, Denise, Darlene, Brad, Tracy, Brent (Dave)
(I use to know our birth orders)
Now I just know I am the 6th grandchild. . . . . . . . . .

38 First Cousins!
And it just keep increasing because
each of us have had the next generation and the next and the next. . . . . .
Thanks you Jean and Hattie
for giving me such a wonderful
loving big family!

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JanaMac said...

So glad that I found your blog Karie Lyne! Wow - you are fast! Loved looking through all of the pictures from the reunion; hoping to find enough time in the next day or two to write about the reunion and post my pics on my blog! Take care!


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