Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July Weekend Wrap-up

Just a wrap-up of my
4th of July weekend
It was great!
We celebrated for 3 days!
Thought I would give you a peek of
my activities3 of my granddaughter were in the parade
1 grandson was in the parade
So. . . .
Maya and Zada
Joel and Andy
watched the parade with me
We all anxiously waited for the parade to begin
I am grateful it wasn't hot!
This year was a cool 4th.
Andy (yawn) is a little tired and bored waiting.
He is only interested in the
cheerleaders that ride in the parade.
Gina, Blake and Russ are waiting patiently.
My two little darlings. . . .
Maya, Zada
The parade people throw candy as they pass by
I think these two got about 5 pounds of candy!
(Zada did share with Uncle Russ)
Oh, Joel, what a face!

Waiting for those cheerleaders!
(he is interested in one!)

Here are the CHAMPIONS

Brissa (in sunglasses)
and the Team
(Just a peek of Mat on the back of the truck)

There is my Jared in the window of the truck
Melanie is standing on the steps of the truck
Blake would not ride in the parade

Here is the sweetheart Sara.
(in the black hat on the brown horse)
Riding Bell.
This was Sara's first year riding in the parade
She is in the Junior Bit N' Spur Riding Club
She did so well, and Bell was very
calm riding in the parade.

Ya, gotta love Tooele's 4th of July Parade
There are always lots of Army trucks
When me and Lloyd first moved here
37 years ago!
We were use to the beautiful parades in
Utah County
with lots of beautifuly decorated floats.
Not so in Tooele

This is a military town
So. . . . .
37 years ago
there were no decorated floats.
There were Army tanks (big ones) and lots of trucks
Even Miss Tooele County rode on a military truck!
Not much has changed.
Although there was one float. . .
Miss Tooele County.

Of course a parade isn't complete without a marching band
Tooele High School Marching Band
I use to not pay as much attention to bands
but after being married to a band director
I pay more attention.
And I do like to hear a marching band
Really, I do!

So.. . . . . . . .
After the parade
I went to
Jim and Sharon's for a barbaque
Sharon is my son-in-laws mother.
It was a great gathering of family and friends.
And I can't believe I forgot my camera!
Their yard is so nice
and she and Jim do such a good job
feeding and entertaining everyone
It is lots of fun
I look forward to it each year.

So. . . . .
Another 4th Celebration
is past.
Now on to the rest of the SUMMER!
I have a DALEY reunion this weekend.
Paul McCartney in one week!
24th of July coming up.
Oh, Time Please Don't Go So Fast!

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