Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Little Bit of Advise and A New Project

Here is a little bit of advise I would like to give you. . .
Prayers are always answered in the manner and time the Lord has set
sometimes we are just not quite ready
we question his timing
that which HE has sent.
I know I have you confused with what I am talking about
believe me I am very confused right now.
Of course being confused isn't too uncommon for me
I think the older I get the more confused I become. . . .
How does that happen
we are suppose to be wiser and know the answers to things
when we are older. . . . . .
Maybe I am not quite old enough!
My heart is fluttering over a couple of things.
and I can't sleep at night.
It is 3:30 AM
What is wrong with me?
I am so excited I am going to see and hear
Paul McCartney
In Salt Lake City.
I would have liked to have seen him while I was in my prime
and he was in his
But, I will take it NOW!
I am sure I will lots to say next time I blog
and I hope to have lots of pictures! So
to keep my mind off of other things going on in my life
to keep me busy
I have another project in the works.
Jen over at
Tatertots and Jello
does the most amazing things.
She is so talented it is unbelievable.
I go there all the time to get inspired.
She likes Quatrefoil
and so do I
I like the design and pattern of quatrefoil
and the historical significance of it.
It is on a lot of architecture.
Look closely and you will see it.
A lot of beautiful fabric has it also.
I just love it.
Don't you just love this platter Jen has done in quatrefoil?
I really like it.
But then I love anything I can hang on a wall.

I got this poor ugly lonely stool at DI
I am a sucker for anything poor and lonely,
of course I bought it.
I brought it home
I want it to look like Jen's stool. . . . . . . .
Do Ya Think
I, me, Karie
can make this ugly poor lonely stool
Look like this?

This is what Jen at Tatertots and Jello
did with her lonely old stool
I love this stool
not only do I love the quatrefoil
I love the colors.
Just my style
So this is my project for the next few days.
(well maybe more than a few days)

Check back with me and hopefully I will have
a cute quatrefoil stool of my own
Thanks Jen
Check out Tatertots and Jello
Visit tatertotsandjello.com

Also, in a few days I may tell you what is going on
with my answered prayer.
Or I may not!

1 comment:

Susan said...

Ok . . . I just have to know what is going on!! I'm calling you in the morning. And you need to explain to me how to make that awesome bench!!


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