Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Louise - My Cousin

I love having Cousins
I have lots of them
But there are some that I am very close to
and I like a lot. . .
This is my cousin Louise
She is one I am close to and I like a lot.
(her Mom and my Grandpa were 1st cousins)
(My great-grandpa and her grandpa were brothers)
Is Talented, Can make ANYTHING!
she cooks, sews, embroderies and many other things
Most of ALL she is a GOOD Person,
Fun to be with
She likes to talk, and laugh and make things for me.
and always wants to make sure I
have a DIET COKE
She was sewing the day I was at her home.
I think she is always sewing something
and usually it is for someone else
never herself. . . . .
Her family is her life, she loves doing things for them.
Her husband, Richard, is very supportive of Louise and the girls
and they in turn are supportive of him
Her daughters are Brenda and Heather.
Heather is just as creative as Louise
Brenda is creative in a different way.
(I always like to ask her what new book she is reading.)
Louise has some beautiful things in her home.
She has a very "fine" eye for beauty.
She has an eye for color and texture.
I am always amazed at her nack for creating things.
Her stitiches and her work is very detailed and done to perfection!

Louise's Grandpa was my
(my great-grandpa's brother)
His name was Uncle Arthur
He was a gentle kind man
He was talented!
He could carve wood
He made the most beautiful carvings of Indians and horses.

This long stick is something that he carved.
The detail is beautiful. . .
(I wish my camera could do it justice)
It is solid walnut.
These are some of the things Louise has made
She does beautiful counted-cross-stitch.
She is the one that got me started doing it.
I have several things she has done.
She loves to give her creations to others. . . .

Very fine detailed work!

Heather was born on the 4th of July
so the house is really decorated for the 4th.
Also Heather's bedroom is decorated in Americana
and 4th of July things.
She has a great collection of July 4th
Because everyone has given her presents that go along with that theme.

Heather has a very cretive eye.
She does the cutest cards
That is for another day!

Pillows in Heather's room
Notice the cute Beanie Bears. . . .
I think they have every Beanie that came out
Really I do!

This is Louise's Mother's Rocking Chair.
Louise doesn't know how old it is,
but Aunt (I call her Aunt) Flossie (Florence)
would be over 100 years old if she were alive.
Aunt Flossie also had the creative genius
she made the most beautiful quilts
all pieced and hand quilted
There is a beautiful needle point on this chair that Aunt Floss did
(I don't have a picture of it.)

"Happy Everything" is so pretty!

Another 4th of July pillow

Louise decorates her shelf according to holidays.
I will show it to you in October, November,
and December is unbelievably pretty!

Louise loves Roosters
This is the top of her cupboards.
Did I tell you she also cans everything from the garden
Tomatoes, fruits, vegitables, and jams.
(hundreds of jars)
And her salsa is to die for!

Oh, I tell you she is one talented lady.
She cooks wonderful food, cans, sews, crafts and a zillion other things.
She makes you feel very welcome
whenever you come to her HOME. . . .
I love to be with Louise
She inspires me!
She is just a GOOD SOUL
one in a million.
I am so glad we are related.
Thankful for Cousins like Louise!

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Ethel Amutan said...

Hi Karie! I'm one of Heather's friends, and I have to agree.... she is extremely creative and talented! I've had the pleasure of receiving her artwork over the years. Heather and her entire family have a HUGE heart. It sounds like you're just like them! I've enjoyed reading your blogpost and looking at the beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing!


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