Monday, July 26, 2010

Never Enough Hours In A Day

There just never seems to be enough hours in the day
I really think time is going faster. . . .
Does anyone feel the same way I do?
I feel rushed from morning til night!
And I can never get everything I want to do
in the day I want to do it, done.
It is July 26th and
I hate to say it but
The Summer Is Almost Over!
Where has it gone?The Young Women in my ward left this morning for
Girls Camp
High in the Wasatch Mountain.
They will spend about 5 days
doing all kinds of activities. . . .
I don't go! I don't like camping!
They have to have a "mail box"
for their camp
A sweet couple in the Ward
John and MaryBeth
made this cleaver, adorable
mail box
Isn't it cute?
(just wanted to share that with you)
There is something else I wanted to share with you
Yesterday I received the
"One Lovely Blog Award"
from another blogger.
I was so surprised and humbled!
What a nice thing to receive.
It is for my other blog
The one I do all of my crafts on
I hope you will go to
Karie's Chic Creations
Look at the things I do
and leave a comment if you would like
Hope you have a
Peaceful Day

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