Thursday, July 15, 2010

Paul McCartney- Salt Lake City, Utah 2010

Tuesday July 13, 2010
I saw live and in concert
the most talented and amazing musician
Paul McCartney
For 3 hours
we visited
These are my memories of that incredable night
in Salt Lake City, Utah
with a Beatle!
(in the background you can see an image of George Harrison)

Just pure, live music of the great
Sir Paul

Did he ever deliver!
The left-handed (got to love those lefties) guitarist
Sang to my hearts content.

Raising his guitar!
He played from various guitars

and when he said he was playing the ONE
he played in the '60's
The 45,000 people in the stadium

He payed tribute to
his wife Linda
John Lennon
and George Harrioson
when he sang his song to George
I cried.
They were my favorite Beatles.

The crowded loved him
He also, loved us
the way he said
Salt Lake City, Utah
was so cute!

He is playing the ukelale (however you spell it)
George Harrison gave him.

I will never forget
Paul McCartney

How do you describe
Incredible ?

The hands of
Paul McCartney


Sgt. Pepper, Elinor Rigby, Mother Mary
Paper Back Writer, were all present
that hot summer night

The Great, The Talented
Sir Paul McCartney
In Salt Lake City, Utah
and I was there!
I had a permanent smile on my face
as I rocked, sang, clapped and swayed
and at times cried.
These were the times of my youth.
A young girl in a little town in Utah
seeing for the first time the Beatles
on the Ed Sullivan Show in February 1964
And now 46 years later
seeing live, and in person
the great
Paul McCartney
1 of only 2 surviving BEATLES
So much has changed and is now gone
and it seems so long a go,
for one hot summer night
I revisited

Me, Melanie and Mathew
before the show

Salt Lake City, Utah
Inside the Rio Tino Stadium
where 45,000
people will gather to see
Paul McCartney in Concert
Me and Melanie
Mat and Melanie
It was HOT!
My son Mat and Me
He is just as excited as I am to be there!
Me, getting ready to enter the Stadium
for one incredible night!
I saw and lived YESTERDAY!


Anngie said...

How fun! You saw a BEATLE live, how cool is that!

jen @ homeinthecountry said...

Thanks for stopping in to say hi the other day! :)

Glad you had a blast at the concert - so fun!


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