Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Children's Family~The Jackson Reunion

The Jackson Reunion
My children with their
Daddy's family!
This year it was held in eastern Utah
It was a good time for my children
to re-connect with their
Dad's family.
Uncles, Aunts, and especially
Cousins!There are 15 First Cousins in the
Jackson Family
Two of the cousins are missing in this photo
It is a rare thing to have
this many Jackson cousins together at once. . .
Lloyd has 4 Jackson children
Mathew, Emily, Blake, Mark
LeEarl has 6 Jackson children
Jerry, Robin, Brenda, Chrissy, Jami, LJ
Verla has 4 children
Troy, Wendy, Brent, Gary
Ervin has 1
The family traits are strong in this family. . .
I just have to chuckle!
My children had a great time.
It is good for them to stay connected to
their Dad's family.
I went to this reunion also.
The best part for me, of course,
is being with my kids and grandkids.
Blake and his family and Mat and his family
stayed over night there.
I stayed with them.
We took a beautiuful drive home
Flaming Gorge
I haven't been there for many many years,
The drive was beautiful and I really enjoyed it.
It is a beautiful part of the country.

Life is about change and
nothing ever stays the same.

A hard thing for me to accept.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

There Is So Much More

There is so much more going on!
I am very excited at the things that
have happened in the last day!
You know I have another blog?
And I reached 5196 views,
That is a lot of people viewing my blog!
(I am pretty excited and overwhelmed about it.)
Did you know I have another Blog?
Ya, I do.
It is called
Karie's Chic Creations
That is where I blog about the Arts and Crafts I do
The things I make
Things I transform from "old"
to "new" I blog about the stacks of fabric that I
make into beautiful accessories for
my Home.

I blog about the many trips I make to
Michael's Craft Store
and what I make from the things
I buy there.

I recently blogged about this
pillow I created. . ..
I traced the ampersand onto the fabric
colored it black with a Magic Marker
and sewed a pillow. . . .
It decorates my home!

I love crafting and all that comes with it. .
If it seems like I am neglecting my
Daley Blog
It is because I am over at

Blogging and Crafting away.
Why don't you come over
and see what I am doing.

(The Daley Blog will always be my 1st love)
Don't worry I will still
Blog here!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I Want To Remember How They Look

I recently read this experience of Helen Keller's
and it made me reflect and think of the things
I would want to remember if I were
to lose my eye sight.
(Heaven forbid that should ever happen!)
Have you ever read Helen Keller's comment on a girl who
had just taken a walk in the woods?
Helen ask the young girl, "What did you observe"?
And the young girl's reply was,
"Nothing in paticular".
"How is it possible, Helen asked herself, to walk for
an hour through the woods and see nothing
worthy of note?
I, who cannot see, find hundreds of things
to interest me through mere tough.
I feel the delicate symmetry of a leaf.
I pass my hands lovingly about the
smooth skin of a silver birch,
or the rough shaggy bark of a pine.
In spring I touch the branches of trees
hopefully in search of a bud, the first sign of
awakening Nature after her winter's sleep.
Occasionally, if I am very fortunate,
I place my hand gently on a small tree
and feel the happy quiver of
a bird in full song.
At times my heart crises out with longing
to see all these things with physical eyes,
but if I can get so much pleasure from
mere touch, how much more beauty
must be revealed by sigh.
And I have imagined what I should
most likely to see if I were granted
the use of my eyes. . . . . even for just three days!"
(Helen Keller, Treasures of Life, 1962)
If I were to lose my eye-sight these are
a few of the things I would want to remember.
The beauty and grandur of the Wasatch Mountains
The crisp, cold, powder. . . .

The blue sky over the red rocks of Southern Utah

The lights of downtown Salt Lake City

The blue sky in the winter.
How fresh it feels and how beautiful it is.

But the most important thing I would never want
to forget are the faces of my family
Each individual face tells its own story
and I never want to forget them.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Can I Just Say?

Can I just say,
I feel so out of my league
Really, I do.
Tonight I am feeling
Old, Tired, Out of Shape,
Like I don't belong. . Anywhere!
Really where am I suppose to be?
I just keep asking myself that question.
If I am suppose to be here, where I am,
then why do I keep feeling like I don't belong here?
And there is something missing in my life.
I keep filling my life with things
that really don't matter
and really don't make me feel any better.
Oh, good grief you don't want to hear me complain and whine
so I will just go on with some of the
I am doing right now.
(Just keeps me busy and my mind off of other things)
This week I showed my wall grouping on
the CSI blog site.
I don't take very good pictures!
It really is cuter than it is showing in the picture.
I gathered frames from the thrift store (DI)
spray painted them black.
(some I did aqua blue)
The shelf I already had and it was red,
I changed it to black (spray painted).
Used fabric and paper to fill in the frames
and left some of them blank.
I live in an apartment so I can't paint the walls.
(I hate white walls)
So I have to add other elements of color.
I am a color person!

Found this cute little table

on KSL Classified.

My daughter-in-law wanted a little table

so I thought this was perfect.

Today I spent the day sanding, priming

and painting this table for her.

It is so dang cute.

I will show a finished picture when it is done.

Well, I am off to bed for the night.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for me.

I am sure I will find where I belong.


Monday, August 16, 2010

So Very Blessed

I don't know how it happened. . . .
But this boy grew up so fast!
Where has the time gone?
I am his Grandma
And I am so Blessed
He is a joy and delight
A gentle soul.
August 15, 2010
He was ordained an
Elder in the
Melchizedek Priesthood.
In preparation for him serving a mission for
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Angels are smiling from on high. . . . .
And joined in the celebration
for this wonderful child.
Sunday was also my lesson in Young Women's
The lesson was on Obeying The Law of The Land
I made special hand-outs for the girls.
I love teaching the Laurel's
They are a special group of young women
embarking on new chapters of their lives.

It truly is a labor of Love
I am so happy to share my talents with these
Young Women.
I look forward to each new week with them
and what new ideas I can come up with
to strengthen their lives.
And enhance their time spent with me.
It is
a new week with lots of things to do.
The list keeps getting long and longer
and I tell ya, I see
on the Horizone!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Windy August Day

It is windy today, where I live.
And my thoughts are just as scattered
as the wind!Last night I received a phone call
that my Step-mother
had fallen and broke her hip. . . .
Not good for a 78 year old woman
(not good for anyone)!
The doctors decide to do a total hip replacement
because the "ball" in her hip was shattered!
We live in a day and age of medical miracles.
She went through the surgery real well.
She is doing ok.
It will be a long road to recovery
But she is going to be ok.

I feel bad for her
because she lives alone
and misses my Dad a lot.
Her daughter will take real good care of her
and things will work out, they always do.
I am kind of emotional about it right now,
I am not going to say a lot more.
Here are a few pictures of my ongoing projects.
This is a picture of my second table runner
It is a little different, in that it is ruffled.
I try to keep busy and creative.
Being creative helps to settle me
and it keeps my mind active.
I don't like to just "sit".
I want my hands busy doing something productive.
Some people can just sit and watch t.v.
I like to watch t.v but I have to
be doing something with my hands,
I have been know to read a book while
watching t.v.
This little lamp is a re-creation. . . .
I found the lamp shade at the thrift store,
and I found the lamp base there also,
but it was an ugly peachy color,
I spray painted the base white
I have a cute lamp
for my craft room. . . .
This too is a re-creation,
well maybe it is a total creation!
This is actually a candle holder and a candy dish.
I glued the candle holder to the candy dish!
and created my own "footed dish".
(Is that a real thing? What is it called?)
Cute huh?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Just Another Monday

Just another Monday!
I was going to accomplish a lot today. .
I made a list last night
I was going to stay with that list
and get a lot of projects done today.
I have only done 2 things that was on the list
and they just created more for me to do
Another Day!You know from another post that I don't like August.
But, Oh,
aren't the flowers beautiful. . . in August?
I am expecially in love with Zinna's
I did work on my Cloche's
And I did go to DI
And I did find treasures
(not very many though)
And I did go to Home Depot
Those two things caused more work for
me but that will happen another day.

I tell ya, I love cloche's (cloche')

Say the word it is fun! It just sounds so upper-class. . .

Last Saturday me and my
long time friend Vickie
went to the "motherland" for the day
we stopped at our friend Cristie's shop
Oh, my she has some cute things!
She is re-inventing darling furniture and selling it.
So many cute items.
I am going to do a blog post just on Cristie's shop.
Vickie and I also stopped and got
fresh fruit and vegitables.
There is nothing like graden fresh
grown in the soil of the "motherland"
Vegitables and Fruits.
Oh, how good it is!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Off To Softball Games

Well, today and tomorrow are
Girls Softball Games
So. . . .
I will be watching my
little darlin's play ball. . . . .
Another granddaughter is going with me to the games.
The time spent at the ball fields. . . .
I will see you tomorrow

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I am not kidding it is here!
I am not ready for August
I wasn't done with July.
I will tell you why I don't like August. . . .
The summer is winding down. . . .
September is on the horizone
which only means Winter
is not far off. . . . .
Yep, I don't like August!
Well now that I have that off my chest, I will
give you a peek at some of the things I am doing.Today I received some fabric I ordered. . . .
Oh, boy do I have ideas for this
I can't wait to start sewing!
I love FABRIC!
Weird, I know. . . . . I love the colors, the texture.
I like to soak it all in before
I cut it up . . . . (weird)
I come by the fabric craze naturally. . . .
The females in my family love fabric.
My Mom was a beautiful seamstress.
She took me to fabric stores all the time.
I use to tell her I didn't like going. . . . it gave me a headache!
(I was young, what did I know)
I want to give you a peek at the beautiful things I have been
finding at DI. . . .
They are treasures!
I figure someone is cleaning out their mothers house
and giving all her Milk Glass to DI
What a shame!
(That is what my kids will do some day)

I only paid $1 to .50 them!
I couldn't believe it. . . . .my heart pounded as I
saw some of the pieces. . .
I collect Milk Glass
I think it is BEAUTIFUL
The brown dish is "Carnival Glass"
One Dollar for it!

Oh, did you notice the ruffled table runner
on my oak table?
Well, that was something I made the other day. . .
I just love it.
That has me in the mood to sew. . . .
I am sure I will be sharing some of my sewing
creations with you.
I have to make a trip to DI this week
I have 3 days of softball games.
And I will be sewing. . . .
In between all this I have a lesson to prepare
for my Young Women. . . . .
Oh, and me and my best friend are going to
the homeland on Saturday. . .

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Aunts And An Old Table

Well, it is Monday again!
The last weekend of July 2010 is gone forever!
Time seems to be going way too fast for me.
I still have things to do, places to go, and people to see. These are my Aunts on my Mom's side of the family
The Aunt on the left is Aunt Diane, my Mom's youngest sister
The Aunt on the right is my Aunt Carol, my Mom's oldest sister
The Aunt in the center is actually my Great-Aunt Colleen
she is my Mom's Aunt. Grandma Dot's sister.
Time is traveling fast for all of us. . .
It is on a mission. . . . to take us further down our life journey.
(sometimes I don't like it)
We were at a bridal shower for my cousins daughter.
Gretchen Hansen
She is my cousin Kelly Hansen's daughter
Kelly is like my nephew
and Kelly's kids call me Aunt Karie !

It was nice to be there and sit under the shady tree
and enjoy the company of the family girls.
My daughter Emily went with me.
This is a table that Holly, Kelly's wife, re-stored.
They found it in the cellar of my
Great-Grandpa's House
(Grandpa Trum Pickering)
They were living in the house at the time.
It was old and had layers of paint on it.
Just a lonely old discarded table that needed some
loving care and attention.

The table is beautiful now!
My Aunt said it was the table that my great-Grandpa
had in his kitchen. Sat at it every day for his meals.
It makes me miss my great-Grandpa Trum
(I loved him so much)
I am happy that Kelly and Holly have the table.
It is in a good place.
They will lovingly take care of it!
Grandpa Trum would want Kelly to have it.
Some day I will do a post
on my Great-Grandpa
He was a unique old feller.


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