Monday, August 23, 2010

I Want To Remember How They Look

I recently read this experience of Helen Keller's
and it made me reflect and think of the things
I would want to remember if I were
to lose my eye sight.
(Heaven forbid that should ever happen!)
Have you ever read Helen Keller's comment on a girl who
had just taken a walk in the woods?
Helen ask the young girl, "What did you observe"?
And the young girl's reply was,
"Nothing in paticular".
"How is it possible, Helen asked herself, to walk for
an hour through the woods and see nothing
worthy of note?
I, who cannot see, find hundreds of things
to interest me through mere tough.
I feel the delicate symmetry of a leaf.
I pass my hands lovingly about the
smooth skin of a silver birch,
or the rough shaggy bark of a pine.
In spring I touch the branches of trees
hopefully in search of a bud, the first sign of
awakening Nature after her winter's sleep.
Occasionally, if I am very fortunate,
I place my hand gently on a small tree
and feel the happy quiver of
a bird in full song.
At times my heart crises out with longing
to see all these things with physical eyes,
but if I can get so much pleasure from
mere touch, how much more beauty
must be revealed by sigh.
And I have imagined what I should
most likely to see if I were granted
the use of my eyes. . . . . even for just three days!"
(Helen Keller, Treasures of Life, 1962)
If I were to lose my eye-sight these are
a few of the things I would want to remember.
The beauty and grandur of the Wasatch Mountains
The crisp, cold, powder. . . .

The blue sky over the red rocks of Southern Utah

The lights of downtown Salt Lake City

The blue sky in the winter.
How fresh it feels and how beautiful it is.

But the most important thing I would never want
to forget are the faces of my family
Each individual face tells its own story
and I never want to forget them.

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