Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I am not kidding it is here!
I am not ready for August
I wasn't done with July.
I will tell you why I don't like August. . . .
The summer is winding down. . . .
September is on the horizone
which only means Winter
is not far off. . . . .
Yep, I don't like August!
Well now that I have that off my chest, I will
give you a peek at some of the things I am doing.Today I received some fabric I ordered. . . .
Oh, boy do I have ideas for this
I can't wait to start sewing!
I love FABRIC!
Weird, I know. . . . . I love the colors, the texture.
I like to soak it all in before
I cut it up . . . . (weird)
I come by the fabric craze naturally. . . .
The females in my family love fabric.
My Mom was a beautiful seamstress.
She took me to fabric stores all the time.
I use to tell her I didn't like going. . . . it gave me a headache!
(I was young, what did I know)
I want to give you a peek at the beautiful things I have been
finding at DI. . . .
They are treasures!
I figure someone is cleaning out their mothers house
and giving all her Milk Glass to DI
What a shame!
(That is what my kids will do some day)

I only paid $1 to .50 them!
I couldn't believe it. . . . .my heart pounded as I
saw some of the pieces. . .
I collect Milk Glass
I think it is BEAUTIFUL
The brown dish is "Carnival Glass"
One Dollar for it!

Oh, did you notice the ruffled table runner
on my oak table?
Well, that was something I made the other day. . .
I just love it.
That has me in the mood to sew. . . .
I am sure I will be sharing some of my sewing
creations with you.
I have to make a trip to DI this week
I have 3 days of softball games.
And I will be sewing. . . .
In between all this I have a lesson to prepare
for my Young Women. . . . .
Oh, and me and my best friend are going to
the homeland on Saturday. . .

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Anngie said...

Karie, you are seriously soooo talented!


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