Monday, August 9, 2010

Just Another Monday

Just another Monday!
I was going to accomplish a lot today. .
I made a list last night
I was going to stay with that list
and get a lot of projects done today.
I have only done 2 things that was on the list
and they just created more for me to do
Another Day!You know from another post that I don't like August.
But, Oh,
aren't the flowers beautiful. . . in August?
I am expecially in love with Zinna's
I did work on my Cloche's
And I did go to DI
And I did find treasures
(not very many though)
And I did go to Home Depot
Those two things caused more work for
me but that will happen another day.

I tell ya, I love cloche's (cloche')

Say the word it is fun! It just sounds so upper-class. . .

Last Saturday me and my
long time friend Vickie
went to the "motherland" for the day
we stopped at our friend Cristie's shop
Oh, my she has some cute things!
She is re-inventing darling furniture and selling it.
So many cute items.
I am going to do a blog post just on Cristie's shop.
Vickie and I also stopped and got
fresh fruit and vegitables.
There is nothing like graden fresh
grown in the soil of the "motherland"
Vegitables and Fruits.
Oh, how good it is!

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