Monday, August 2, 2010

My Aunts And An Old Table

Well, it is Monday again!
The last weekend of July 2010 is gone forever!
Time seems to be going way too fast for me.
I still have things to do, places to go, and people to see. These are my Aunts on my Mom's side of the family
The Aunt on the left is Aunt Diane, my Mom's youngest sister
The Aunt on the right is my Aunt Carol, my Mom's oldest sister
The Aunt in the center is actually my Great-Aunt Colleen
she is my Mom's Aunt. Grandma Dot's sister.
Time is traveling fast for all of us. . .
It is on a mission. . . . to take us further down our life journey.
(sometimes I don't like it)
We were at a bridal shower for my cousins daughter.
Gretchen Hansen
She is my cousin Kelly Hansen's daughter
Kelly is like my nephew
and Kelly's kids call me Aunt Karie !

It was nice to be there and sit under the shady tree
and enjoy the company of the family girls.
My daughter Emily went with me.
This is a table that Holly, Kelly's wife, re-stored.
They found it in the cellar of my
Great-Grandpa's House
(Grandpa Trum Pickering)
They were living in the house at the time.
It was old and had layers of paint on it.
Just a lonely old discarded table that needed some
loving care and attention.

The table is beautiful now!
My Aunt said it was the table that my great-Grandpa
had in his kitchen. Sat at it every day for his meals.
It makes me miss my great-Grandpa Trum
(I loved him so much)
I am happy that Kelly and Holly have the table.
It is in a good place.
They will lovingly take care of it!
Grandpa Trum would want Kelly to have it.
Some day I will do a post
on my Great-Grandpa
He was a unique old feller.

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