Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Children's Family~The Jackson Reunion

The Jackson Reunion
My children with their
Daddy's family!
This year it was held in eastern Utah
It was a good time for my children
to re-connect with their
Dad's family.
Uncles, Aunts, and especially
Cousins!There are 15 First Cousins in the
Jackson Family
Two of the cousins are missing in this photo
It is a rare thing to have
this many Jackson cousins together at once. . .
Lloyd has 4 Jackson children
Mathew, Emily, Blake, Mark
LeEarl has 6 Jackson children
Jerry, Robin, Brenda, Chrissy, Jami, LJ
Verla has 4 children
Troy, Wendy, Brent, Gary
Ervin has 1
The family traits are strong in this family. . .
I just have to chuckle!
My children had a great time.
It is good for them to stay connected to
their Dad's family.
I went to this reunion also.
The best part for me, of course,
is being with my kids and grandkids.
Blake and his family and Mat and his family
stayed over night there.
I stayed with them.
We took a beautiuful drive home
Flaming Gorge
I haven't been there for many many years,
The drive was beautiful and I really enjoyed it.
It is a beautiful part of the country.

Life is about change and
nothing ever stays the same.

A hard thing for me to accept.

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Anngie said...

How fun! cute pictures of all the cousins:)


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