Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Windy August Day

It is windy today, where I live.
And my thoughts are just as scattered
as the wind!Last night I received a phone call
that my Step-mother
had fallen and broke her hip. . . .
Not good for a 78 year old woman
(not good for anyone)!
The doctors decide to do a total hip replacement
because the "ball" in her hip was shattered!
We live in a day and age of medical miracles.
She went through the surgery real well.
She is doing ok.
It will be a long road to recovery
But she is going to be ok.

I feel bad for her
because she lives alone
and misses my Dad a lot.
Her daughter will take real good care of her
and things will work out, they always do.
I am kind of emotional about it right now,
I am not going to say a lot more.
Here are a few pictures of my ongoing projects.
This is a picture of my second table runner
It is a little different, in that it is ruffled.
I try to keep busy and creative.
Being creative helps to settle me
and it keeps my mind active.
I don't like to just "sit".
I want my hands busy doing something productive.
Some people can just sit and watch t.v.
I like to watch t.v but I have to
be doing something with my hands,
I have been know to read a book while
watching t.v.
This little lamp is a re-creation. . . .
I found the lamp shade at the thrift store,
and I found the lamp base there also,
but it was an ugly peachy color,
I spray painted the base white
I have a cute lamp
for my craft room. . . .
This too is a re-creation,
well maybe it is a total creation!
This is actually a candle holder and a candy dish.
I glued the candle holder to the candy dish!
and created my own "footed dish".
(Is that a real thing? What is it called?)
Cute huh?

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Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Karie, glad to hear that your step mother is doing well. It is amazing what they do these days! I love your projects also. Very cute :) Have a wonderful rest of the week. Hugs ~ Laura


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