Thursday, September 2, 2010

Family Lions

This little Lion is one of my very FAVORITES!
This Lion is just about as cute as they come in the Lion Kingdom!
She appears to be fearce and scary, but never fear.
She is as gentle as a lamb. . . .
Now you say

Why have you put a Lion at the first of your blog?

Well, I am happy to tell you. . . .The Lion has become my personal mascot.

You see

I really like Lions.
I come from a long line of Lions. .. . .
My Daddy is a Lion
His name is LEO,
now if that isn't a Lion I don't know who is. .
And you won't believe it
but I gave birth to a Lion.
Yes sir ree
His name is Blake LEO
I say that is a Lion also.
And to top it off
my high school mascot is a
One of my all time favorite Disney movie is
of course,
Lion King!
Yep, I love LIONS
Right now I am trying to find a BIG LION PICTURE
I have in mind what I want.
I just can't find the right one.
It will represent my
Strong, Wise Lions!

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