Monday, September 6, 2010

My Pickering Family

The Sunday of Labor Day Weekend
is traditionally my
Pickering Family Reunion
We started it over 45 years ago
We are all so close in our relationships
that we wanted something to keep us together and
in each others lives.
If you are wondering how I am a
Well, my Grandma is a
Pickering My Grandma's only sister is my
Great -Aunt Colleen
She is 80 years old
she is very proud of her nieces and nephews
and that she has so many.
1st picture is of her and her nieces and nephew
(not all of them are in the present)2nd picture is of her and her great-niece and nephew
(not all are present)

3rd picture is of her great-great nieces and nephews
(not all are present)

4th and 5th pictures are of her
great-great-great nieces and nephews
great-great-great nieces and nephews
(not all are present)
I love my Great-Aunt Colleen
My Mother is her niece!
They were the same age!
She and my Mom were very close
They were best friends.
It was hard for my Aunt Colleen
to lose my Mom.
She and I have been very close.
I guess I just kind of filled in for my Mom.
She is a very creative woman.
And has taught me a lot.
I'm glad I carry some of the same creative genes that she does.
(funny how families are like that)
I am thankful Pickering is part of my heritage!

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