Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Introducing My Turkey's

I would like to introduce you to my Turkey's
The are the sweetest little flock of turkey friends.
You see I made each one of them.
I gave them "life"
And their personalities. . . .
I am so Thankful for them!This Tom Turkey has been with me the longest of any.
I believe he has been with me longer than my children!
He was the first one I made
He is the Head Turkey!
This little Turk use to have a sister,
She is was broken into pieces and had to go to the
graveyard of Turkey's

The is the Character of the bunch!

He cracks me up

So dang cute!

Oh, this one is so sturdy and strong

I love him too.

He has been a strong good friend

And this little sweetheart, she is the beauty of the flock

So sweet and gentle is she. . .

Each November when I open the storage box to bring

my friends to life. . . . it is like greeting old friends.

They take their special place in my home and I enjoy their company

Then it will be time to retire them for another year.

My Friends the Turkey's

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