Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some Day We'll Meet Again

December 9, 1966
Was my Wedding Day
I married this wonderful man
The Love of My Life
We were married on a cold December 9th
and we had 25 wonderful years together

My husband died 19 years ago
But his memory has never faded and I continue
to cherish him and love him
He is the father of my children
What a tremendous blessing he gave me!
In 1966 on that cold December day
it was all about our love for each other
and the hopes and dreams we shared
We never planned for our lives to change
We thought we would grow old together
just as we did everything, Together. . . . .

These are the picture of our family

On our Wedding Day
We were young and full of excitement to
go on the journey of life together
raise a family
grow old together
enjoy grandchildren
All of the things that young couples hope for

I am a December Bride
And someday I will be in the arms of my
and we will continue our journey Together.
Only this time it will be

1 comment:

Anngie said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Such beautiful pictures:)


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